Does Carbonated Mineral Water Break the Fast?


I love TopoChico. It is carbonated mineral water. It is not mineralized but actual mineral water from the ground. The carbonation is added.

Does that break the fast?



Biochemically speaking, carbon dioxide is hardly considered a food. But I don’t want to say anything beyond that.


Good question, because it’s a drink.



its only an hour tim, i would play it safe.


I think there are several questions at work here:

  1. Does mineral water break the fast?
  2. Does it make a difference if it’s natural mineral water v artificially mineralized water?
  3. If it does matter, then should we also stop drinking most tap water since it’s fluoridated?
  4. Independent of the mineral series of questions, what about carbonation?
  5. (Arguably the most important) What is the spirit of the law? Is it meant to be a prohibition against non-vital foods or against anything that’s not water? If the water exception’s so we don’t get dehydrated, then would it really matter if it’s carbonated or not? Or would it matter if it’s mineralized or not?


I’ll raise you :popcorn::popcorn: :slight_smile:


Two boxes of popcorn and you’re worried about mineral water breaking the fast? :smiley:


No. Mineral water is not food and does not break the fast.


Drinks can break a fast, as well, not only food. I just wasn’t sure about mineral water.

I read that water and medication don’t break the fast. It just didn’t specify what kind of water! :wink: I thought regular water, but that’s just me.



TTASU, Topo Chico comes from naturally mineralized springs in upper MX (2 road hours from my area).

As such, it is just a form of water, and would be canonically OK.

Somatically, neither water nor CO2 have a caloric value. Colas, juices, etc, do, and so they break the fast. But Topo Chico would not.

Bear in mind however, I am not a priest just a sinner!



People, never forget we are the religion of common sense.

God expects us to use the intelligence he gave us along with the guidance of his church.

As someone previously said, what is your intention? What is the reason behind the fast?




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