Does Catholic Answers support Nazi Sympahtizers?

OK, so it is a provocative heading to get your attention.

Now let’s consider some facts. Catholic priests, who were Nazi sympathizers in the Vatican and in Rome were instrumental in providing an escape route, referred to as the “rat line”, to Nazi war criminals to South American countries.

In France, there were two principal Nazi’s who committed crimes against humanity. One of them was Paul Touvier. In the late 1980’s the French government decided to find Touvier. The trail lead to an archbishop, who lied of course, but was uncovered when his residence was searched. This in turn led to a monastery. Of course, the abbot lied. But they got through that, which lead to a convent. Of course, there were lies again, but French authorities succeeded in finding and arresting Touvier in the convent. He was tried and convicted in France.

One of the principal players in protecting and hiding Touvier was a groups of Catholic priests and lay people who called themselves the, “Knights of Notre Dame”. In fact, it was by tracking down these people that the French authorities found Touvier.

Here is the link on Catholic Answers to promote the Knights of Notre Dame:

What do you think? Should Catholic Answers promote the organization which protected and hid the “Hangman of Lyon” for 40 years?

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