Does Catholicism believe Jesus to be born on Dec 25

Hi, what date is estimated to be Jesus birthday according to Catholicism??

To the best of my knowledge there is no known date of the year for the historical event.
I’ve heard that best guesses are around September

But they’re guesswork not fact.

It was highly unlikely to be December 25 which was used to replace pagan feats at that time of the year.

As Anruari said, the Church has not set date, at least not to my knowledge. The date we celebrate Christmas on was actually the date of a pagan holiday called Saturnalia, interesting traditions surrounding it, by the way, but the Church declared that to be the day we’d celebrate it. It was rather ingenious, actually, they took a very, very popular holiday, and allowed Roman Christians to still enjoy one of their favorite holidays.

December 25th is when it is celebrated by the Catholic church from the Pope down. As no one can know exactly what month-day he was born why not 12/25? Sounds good to me! There have been many blessings received on this date so I assume God is pleased with this date/celebration/memorial.

Love you Jesus!

Not only that, but by associating the Christian holiday with a pagan one, it allowed Christians to congregate without suspicion at a time when Christianity was still illegal.

Really? I find it highly unlikely not for it to be on the 25th

And if it was on the 11th of nov. We would be saying it was to replace the ooga booga god or if it was on the 6th of march. Then ppl would be running around like chicken little saying we stole the day off the mighty red rooster god or something.
To the OP. Noone really knows when. Not anyone here or any of the many theologians of this world. Not even the pope himself knows. So if you want to say it is on the 25th. Then go ahead. You stand the chance of being just as correct as anyone else on the planet.

His Feast Day is officially December 25 But, according to many scholars His Birthday could

possibly sometime in April or May but, according to some June or a obscure date. stll no one

knows exactly When Except those that were present and those that heard about His Birth.

hope this helps

God Bless

That’s a (an?) historical question, not a religious one. And the historical answer is, “We don’t know.”

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich says that Jesus was born November 25th.

Saint John Chrysostom argued from Scripture that Jesus was born *about *December 25th (in his famous birthday sermon).

Clement of Alexandria gave a date of Nov. 18th.

Saint Epiphanius gives a date of January 6th.

Saint Hippolytus of Rome states that the date was December 25th.

There are a number of dates given by modern scholars, including the above dates, and some dates in fall and spring. (See Handbook of Biblical Chronology by Jack Finegan).

Does it really matter? Apart from being interesting the actual date of his birth has no bearing on our faith or salvation.

The theory that has always made the most sense to me was that Jesus died on the cross on the anniversary of the day he was conceived during the Annunciation. Calculating the date of passover during which Jesus died, an early monk found that Christ died on March 25. Thus, if he were conceived on this date, nine months later he would be born!

I heard this theory somewhere else, but this website lays it out:

Also of interest discussing the date of the death of Jesus:

Since our calendar is imperfect (leap years), the date and time of Christ’s birth was established in the Divine intellect. That it happened far exceeds in importance the date on which it happened.

St. Luke states, according the Aramaic calander he was using, that the Incarnation took place in what is now late August/early Septembe4. That would put the birth of Christ sometime in late April and early May. The reason for the difference is that about 1500 years ago, a monk who was translating the Book of Luke made a mistake and thought Luke was using the Julian (Roman) calander in use by the occupying Romans at that time.
As for the Year, Modern historical astronomers have been able to trace a confluence of planets that they are sure was The Star of Bethleham, and have found that it occurred in the year 3 B.C. Furthermore, other historians have been able to determine when the darkness and earthquake that occurred at Christ’s death happened in 30 A.D.
This means that Christ was born 3 years earlier than the theoretical beginning of the Gregorian Calander…which is the correct name for our calander.

Since the only birthday mentioned in all of scripture is Herod’s, the Advent may be another case of “It is not for you to know the times and seasons which the Father has fixed by his own authority.” Acts 1:7

I was just curious. Sorry to bother you

Since the discussion arose…Some here might be interested in this presentation.

The Star of Bethlehem

Jesus’ birth was written in the stars, in the very universe that God created.

As others have said, we don’t know. Different individual early Christians have identified different dates, but the two most important ones are December 25th and January 6th. January 6th was the preferred date in the East to commemorate Jesus’ birth and other events of His early life, while areas in the West (like Rome) commemorated the Nativity on December. Eventually the December date was adopted in most of the East as well, except in Armenia, where the Nativity is still commemorated on January 6th even today. At the same time the January feast was introduced into the West (our modern Epiphany).

Not December 25th…which, incidentally, is also the given birthdate of other Gods including Dionysus, Mithras, and Horus among others, I think.

The calendar of the Chronography of 354 does record that December 25th is the birthday of the god Sol Invictus, which is sometimes identified with Mithras. Incidentally, where do you get Dionysus’ and Horus’ birthdays from? Mind if I demand a source? I hope to God it’s not Kersey Graves. :cool: :smiley:

Since conception is considered more the important event
Important events are associated with important events in Jewish history Dec 25 is 9 months after passover.
The significance is the lamb was conceived on the most important date in Jewish history

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