Does Catholicism contradict feminism?

Ignoring abortion, do you people think Catholicism and feminism contradict each other?

Today my SJW teacher started saying that and I didn’t know what to say. Apparently she studied in a Catholic University.

It is hard to define feminism since there are many forms of it, however, all of them share a common core of beliefs. One example of those beliefs is that “the system” AKA the “Patriarchy” puts women at a disadvantage compared to men. Other things that feminists argue that women suffer can be derived from the belief sated above, eg, the wage gap, women suffer a lot of violence, women are seen as inferior, as sexual objects, etc.

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As a Catholic Feminist, I’d have to say, no :slight_smile:

You may find some interesting articles here:


Feminism is a diverse movement.

Might depend on what you mean by feminism.


Only certain fenimist ideas, but not all.


Your teacher is misguided and wrong.

But best to say nothing. Especially since I assume you’re a guy. Just ignore her as much as possible, pray for her and do what you need to do to complete her class, then try not to take any more classes with her.

P.S. I’m female but I don’t consider myself a “feminist”. I’m an independent career woman and I look out for #1. I don’t find most women’s groups helpful, and apart from my mom, women haven’t been that helpful in my career either. The less attention paid to gender gunk the better.


Feminism and the Language Wars of Religion
by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

Article too long to repost

Women and Christianity
by Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

It is impossible to describe the ravages that modern feminism has worked in the modern world. Some people think that feminism is just a passing fancy and that, like other human dreams, it will pass away. But that is not true. Feminism has deep roots in the paganism which preceded the foundation of Christianity. A strange statement: before the coming of Christ, feminism we may say was the culture of the human race, outside of pre-Christian Judaism. (Continued at linked title)


Radical Feminism or Second Wave Feminism, was bad for women and men. Feminist icon, Gloria Steinem, said, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” During the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1970s, men were called ‘male chauvenist pigs.’ This created Marxist-style Class Warfare.

Women: The eternal victims class.
Men: The eternal enemies class.

Yes, this violates Christian principles.


“Feminism” is a term that can have at least a dozen different, and contradictory, definitions. It’s not possible to give a good answer to this if you don’t specify exactly which of those many definitions you are referring to.


Pretty much sums up my wife’s approach to life. She doesn’t want anyone, man or woman, to tell her how to live her life.

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My theologian wife agrees with and applauds your link.

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Well first define “feminism” because that’s ambiguous.

Did she say how specifically they “contradict” each other?

What’s SJW?

Which doesn’t mean she is accurately portraying either Catholicism or feminism.

Is this university or high school? Is it public or Catholic?

“Social Justice Warrior”.

A pejorative acronym for lefty activist types who bring race and/or gender into everything.


Please define feminism.

Yes I believe feminism and Catholicism contradict each other. A woman can be equal to a man without feminism. God created us already equal.


Monday night on the Journey Home, Dr. Abigail Favale gave her story and feminism was her greatest hurdle.
She also has published a book which deals with her struggle. I haven’t read it, but it seems it would help with your questions.

certain aspects, yes, other parts of it, no

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I don’t think that Catholicism is anti woman. I think the Faith glorifies women and I can think of four beautiful examples of great Catholic women off the top of my head.

There’s of course, Our Lady, Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Theresa of Ávila and Saint Joan of Arc.

Our Lady is a great woman of faith and love and when you look at the Wedding of Cana, she even stood face to face with Our Lord, on behalf of the wedding guests; for His first miracle; even though it was not yet His time to manifest Himself.

Saint Catherine of Siena spoke truth to power even to the Holy Father during the Avignon Papacy and urged reform of the Church and clergy.

Saint Theresa of Ávila stood firm in the face of resistance to reform the Carmelites.

Saint Joan of Arc even led armies to defeat the English on God’s command.

I think the problem with modern day feminism is really a de feminization of women, wrecking of gender roles that God ordained for the mutual supplementary and supportive roles of men and women for the mutual betterment of the other; as well as the demonization of men.

True, there was the problem of sexism. I get it and I understand it.

But, I think modern feminism, in truth and practical reality; leads to a reverse sexism where men are seen as problematic and needless at best and implacably adversarial at worst.

When you look at the historical record of the Greco Roman pagan civilization, women were treated worse than they were in the 1950s. In the pagan Roman family, the father held the power of life and death over his family and women couldn’t even leave the home for a public life, if they wanted to remain respectable.

To claim that feminism stems from the ancient pagan world is a misconception.


The Catholic Church teaches that artificial contraception is contrary to the dignity of the human person in the intimate act within marriage.

Feminism may mean that artificial contraception is a necessity, in order to pursue goals. It’s feminism that has contradicted the church who has stood for 2000 years.

The Church has stood over the centuries proclaiming the dignity of the human person and has been the powerhouse behind feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, advancing education in schools and universities and hospitals, etc. Feminism would not advocate that the human person, in the uterus yet to be born, should have any protection what so ever. In this feminism stands in contradiction to the centuries of what peoples all over the world have understood, not just the Church. That a pregnant woman is carrying a baby. They’ve even switched out the word baby for fetus because it helps to manipulate ideas of when a baby actually ‘becomes’ a baby and human person, worthy of protection of the law.

The 10 Commandments. When we break the Commandments, it is not the Commandments that are broken. They remain intact and whole. It is us who become shattered and broken. The Commandments have stood and will remain through the centuries. Truth is still truth.


Second Wave Feminism relied on secular inventions. Chief of which was the order given to women to forget about being a stay at home mom. Get out of the house, get a job because that male chauvenist pig (meaning all guys) was going to kick you to the curb and leave you with nothing but the kids. The attempt to blame the 1950s is entirely wrong. A perversion of the truth. I was there and I’m tired of seeing fiction like this.


Ed, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to attack the 1950s. My whole point is that modern feminism is very destructive and presents a false idea of “ authentic “ womanhood.

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