Does Catholicism have an official view on the prophecies in Daniel and Revelation?

I’m specifically referring to Daniel’s prophecy with the 4 beasts and John’s similar prophecies. I’m not asking to compare mine or other beliefs on the matter. I haen’t seen anywhere that Catholicism tries to provide an official answer to these and was curious if as a church, it attempts to explain these or not.

No. It doesn’t.

It does not but the preferred interpretation by Catholic scholars is preterism, meaning that the majority of events described have already happened.

As far as I know, all Old Testament prophecies were fulfilled in the New Testament.

In turn, the only official statement I know about the prophecies in the New Testament is that they are to be considered true. We must have faith that these prophecies will become reality sooner or later (some already happened, such as the destruction of the Temple).

The official position is that the Book of Daniel is part of the Old Testament.

The Church does not take an “official position” on any number of things in the Bible.

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