Does Catholicism Make You Want to be a Better Person?


This may sound strange but I feel that Catholicism is just making me want to be a better person!

I am not Catholic yet. I’m currently in RCIA and in the annulment process for a previous marriage. However, I just feel that I’m learning so much, growing spiritually and so full of love for God, Jesus, Mary and my fellow man.

I just want to be kinder, more loving, more helpful, more giving, etc. I am making a conscious effort to be all of these things from a true desire to just enrich the lives of others. I’ve always cared about others but probably did not put it into practical action. Now I’m making a point to do all of these things.

I’m spending more time in prayer also. I feel so close to God, Jesus, Mary.

It just seems that Catholicism emphasizes these things and makes me want to strive to do/be them. Did/does Catholicism or conversion affect anyone else this way?

I do not take credit for it myself but thank God and the Catholic Church. I really feel that they are bringing out a newer, happier me! And showing me areas in which I need to change and grow. I know I still have such a long way to go but am so thankful for these positive changes. I also feel so much more peaceful. I do feel that praying the Rosary (most days!) is attributing to this also.

Just curious about the experiences of others. I would love to talk to others who have experienced this.



I would say that it starts with the fact that Catholicism demands that I be a better person. I find that as time goes on and I continue to better myself, I wanted what I have improved upon all along.


As a recent revert back to the Catholic Church, I’m finding that I’m making decisions on my own lifestyle that will help foster that goodness in my life. Attending Mass weekly (and sometimes more) now, praying my Rosary nightly, a deeper prayer life…that all seems to be part of what I’m experiencing.

But it goes beyond my own personal spirituality. The goodness that I yearn for seems to be manifesting itself in the way I treat people now with more understanding and kindness, especially in my family. I was shocked a couple of weeks ago when dealing with some problems I’ve been having with my oldest son, his father (my ex-husband) came over, in tears, and despite myself (because since we’ve been apart, we haven’t been on the most civil of terms), and reached out to give him a consoling hug, and reassuring words. I don’t think I would’ve been able to do that with him a year ago. :thumbsup:

Only thru the Grace of God…Amen!


Does Catholicism Make You Want to be a Better Person?

The **only thing that will make you want to be a better person is Grace. But faithfully practicing (or at least striving to practice) the Catholic Faith (and I don’t just mean attending Mass!) is the most effective means of obtaining Grace (after all, the Church is the means that Jesus established for that purpose).

Of course, a nominal Catholic will have a nominal Faith experience.


It also makes me a better driver. I am always conscious of the rosary on my interior rear view mirror, which labels me a Catholic.



I am a cradle catholic, so I’m not quite sure if it’s catholism or grace. Probably both. We (catholics) are accused of doing good works in order to be saved, but it’s the grace that we receive which makes us desire to be more like Christ.
I can not imagine not being catholic.

May God Bless You!!


I would say that you ar eexperiancing a flooding of the Holy Spirit! I’ve had that a few times in my faith journey and it never goes away if you keep feeding it with the Word, Prayer, and the Eucharest.

Also, you say you are feeling close to God, Jesus and Mary.
remember Jesus = God. so you can just say Jesus :slight_smile: He is God! :thumbsup:
God bless you on your journey and wealcome home…well soon anyway :slight_smile:


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