Does Christianity have a future? BBC One

Did anybody watch ‘Does Christianity have a future,’ on BBC One?

Didn’t know anything about it. Hopefully there’s a way to view it on BBC website, it sounds like I would have enjoyed it.

never heard of it.

If you live in the UK, I think it is still available for viewing online or for download (at least for the next seven days)

Being in the US, I didn’t see it. However, if it were hosted by Ann Widdecombe I would think it would be an even handed, and perhaps favorable, treatment of the subject.

Does anyone know what conclusion the program came to?

There are three ways in which Church attendence is growing in the UK, through immigration into the Catholic Church, the Alpha course which targets unchurched people to learn more about Christianity, over 2.5 million have attended a Alpha course, and Black pentecostalist Churches.

Ann interviewed some researchers that found that Unchurched young people were indifferent to Christianity, but they where not hostile to Christianity, and they were interested in having a discussion about what the Church had to say about issues.

It was a failry interesting programme, i do agree with miss Widdecombe in her conclusion; The Church has gone through far worse in its history, why cant it go through this?
Dr. Rowan Williams gave my favourite part - Asked whether or not he thought Christianity would survive he replied around the lines of; “yes because i believe in God”

Sums it up rather well i think :smiley:

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