Does Church Have Message Problem With Hispanics

In the recent election, Hispanics went 70% for Obama. Exit polls showed 66% of Hispanics polled said they support legal abortion. Hispanics come from nations that are historically very Catholic. The Catholic Church goes to great lengths to support migrant rights and to push for amnesty and immigration reform in the USA. Many parishes throughout the nation have Latino outreach programs and Spanish masses. The Church has done a lot to cater to Hispanics and this is how Hispanics re-pay the church: by overwhelmingly supporting a President that is trying to force the Church to pay for abortions and contraception. Without the Hispanic vote, pro-life Romney is the president.

Im concerned about how the Church is working with Hispanics in regards to Church teaching on abortion. Not only do they have a high support for abortion but they also have some of the highest abortion rates. Is it time for the church to counter balance its economic and migrant stance with some catechesis and preaching on the church’s stance on abortion?

Nearly 70% of Hispanics supporting legal abortion is a disaster for the church in a nation with a rapidly increasing Hispanic population.

I wish you had not mentioned the President and his party here, a big no no in social justice.

Latinoes are often poor and vote with their pocketbooks and abortion is not the first thing that comes to mind for them.

I will and can say no more in social justice.

My first question is where you got the 66% number from and if they asked about rape, incest and danger to mother.

With those three exceptions, nearly every poll I’ve seen shows neither pro-choice nor pro-life getting a clear, solid over-50% majority.

Abortion wasn’t much of an issue in this election, the economy was the biggie.

I think that Latinos even in California have some solid conservative roots, but its anti-immigration that really hurts the republican vote.

As far as the Church’s message on abortion, I’m not sure. I’ve said that the pro-life movement needs to dial back because it’s wasting resources and legally is making little progress aside from some restrictions. Law overturned in South Dakota, ballot measure failed in Mississippi and where is the push to get this before the Supreme Court?


•Black women are more than 4.8 times more likely than non-Hispanic white women to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are 2.7 times as likely (AGI).

Nearly 70% of Hispanics supporting legal abortion is a disaster for the church in a nation with a rapidly increasing Hispanic population.

Please do not think that all Hispanics are Catholics, although many are. In the last 50 years many have converted to evangelicalism, or “born agains” by protestants who have gone on missions to those countries of origin.

And I agree that many must probably not think of abortions (since few would, in fact, have one) first when voting, since their pocketbook is most important at this time.

“Peace be with you”

Along with what others are saying here, I think that many naturalized Hispanics in this country, as well as those who have grown up here, tend to blend in more with common American culture which currently supports abortion. I also think that abortion is often treated as an economic issue, since so many abortions are apparently done in order to prevent greater poverty for a family or single mother, and with the poverty of many Hispanics they might would lean more towards pro-choice for this reason. However, I believe that if Romney had taken a more lenient stand towards immigration, he would have won. It was so close.

I agree with this. In fact I refuse to donate any more money to pro-life movement until they discontinue playing politics. IMO it could be put to much better use than widening the division between pro-abort and pro-life forces. As evidence, even more bluedog Dems were voted out of office.

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