Does Confession take away the need for Purgatory?

In a previous answer about confession and sins, Fr. Serpa said, “When the priest says “I absolve you,” the Lord Himself is absolving us. At that point our souls are as pure as when we were baptized.” Now, I am a little confused. My understanding is and please correct me if I am wrong, but I have always been taught that with the exception of martyrs, those of us who are Heaven bound will have to do time in Purgatory but my interpretation of your answer means, if we are truly sorry for our sins at confession which would indicate, at least to me, that we would go directly to Heaven. I was taught that even though our sins are forgiven, we still have an attachment to them and thus the reason we must go through Purgatory to be purified and be released from the attachment to our sins. So, for an example, if I go to confession and after I receive absolution, I immediately drop dead of a heart attack, would I go DIRECTLY to Heaven? Would I not have to go through Purgatory?


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