Does context matter with sin?

Are we less culpable based on our situation? Some people disagree with me. I think sins are less grave if they are reactions. Someone punched me in the face and I think **** him. I think it is still a sin but I think it is less grave. If someone is being abused, it is difficult for me to see it as equally sinful to hate them back. It is wrong and draining and sinful but I feel like they carry less sin than the perpetrator. Some are gifted they can forgive easily. It is not very easy for me.

Hate in itself is a serious sin and I have seen it bandied about this week. Remember the adage, “Hate the sin, but love the sinner.?” It is easy to understand why and how this extreme emotion can be birthed, hatched and grow until you yourself become a vessel of hatred. Hatred will damage the vicitim and not the guilty one/perpetrator. The abuser will probably care less if you hate him/her or not.

I know that it can take years to get over physical or mental abuse. My sister never really got over hers and she carried the pain of it throughout her life, but she rose above it and was a loving, caring person 'til the end. Perhaps that is why she was such a good person; because of her own suffering.

Anyway, I urge that anyone try to rise above hate because it will destroy you from the inside out, and pray long and strong for whoever has hurt you. I love the Rosary and know that the Blessed Mother will take the edge from pain and help it desolve into nothing. Pray to her. She listens and will tell her son of your needs and pains. Peace and prayers.

Someone punched you in the face? :eek:

It is a difficult sin to counter especially if you are being abused. It will not suddenly disappear overnight. I never said it was pk but surely understandable. It is difficult not to hate someone who deliberately works to make your life miserable. It is battle. I try not to think of evil thoughts. I try to avoid people who abuse. It is unfortunate someone’s sins can lead you to sin if you do not choose wisely to fight against hatred. Sadly it may take years to forgive fully those who have irreparably damaged your life. God be with us.

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