Does contraception disintegrate female eggs?

If you’re a girl, you have a supply of eggs for your whole life. How does the unnatural affects of contraception (against life) affect your eggs? Working on a convincing supply of evidence for young ladies not to use the pill— there is a better way!!

ALSO, want to amp up my evidence that the pill is not the way to regulate periods as many doctors claim. What else has been brought up through this scam? Endocrine systems just need to be properly supplemented… go to a good chiropractor! God Bless!!

But the pill is a way to regulate periods. Understanding of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal system will really help you understand how estrogen and progesterone can be given to prevent menorrhagia and metrorhagia. I see a lot of people on these threads saying that hormones aren’t the answer and there must be more “natural” ways, but what if the problem is the hormones? By giving controlled doses, we can fix problems. Seeing a chiropractor might help with back pain, but will not fix a fundamental problem with the endocrine system.

BTW, contraception does not disintegrate eggs. The pill prevents ovulation.

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