Does Darwin's theory of evolution contradict Catholicsm?


Evolution 101: “Rational thinking is optional.”


Does it matter that evolution can’t be reconciled with Scripture? If you’re a theistic evolutionist, no, it doesn’t.


According to theistic evolution, there must have been many thousands - possibly millions - of “soul-less” human beings in existence when God decided to inject a soul into one them - Mr. Adam. Then, presumably, all those soul-less humans - who had the same brain as Mr. Adam and who had been able to survive for millions of years - became extinct. How did that happen? How does 99.9999% a race of humans become extinct?

Furthermore, for hundreds of thousands of years, these soul-less humans would have had brains of more or less the same intelligence as Adam. So they would have developed writing and methods of recording history. So where is this recorded history? And why hadn’t they invented smart phones and aeroplanes? Or even the wheel?


A Catholic prayer that declares the period of time between Adam and Jesus doesn’t qualify as “defined”?


Excellent food for the brain.


The Church reconciles the two by declaring that there is no requirement to read the passages describing creation literally. Far more than the theory of evolution cannot be reconciled with a literal reading of Genesis.


Oh, haven’t you heard? … God is not “a magician, complete with an all powerful magic wand”, so it is a fact (not a possibility) that God Almighty had no choice but to reply on billions of years of evolution to produce the life we see on earth today. So says Pope Francis.


It’s has to do with how hi-fi systems evolved from rocks.


Buy that man a beer.


Never inderestimate the power of human self-delusion … or the spirit of delusiion that God sends to those who have no love for the truth … or the power of Satan to influence those who unwittingly serve him.


The Pope does not doubt God’s capacity as creator of all. He doubts claims of God’s action in contradiction to overwhelming rational scientific findings. If all was created 5778 years ago (as you believe) it should not be the case that rational, objective enquiry is not drawn to that conclusion.


Right and where’s the skeletons for all these people… this kind like Mormonism.




So, you can tell by looking at a skeleton whether of not the original person had a soul or not? What should we look for in an old skeleton that will tell us? This one for instance.



That’s pretty much the question we ask ourselves. All these electronic devices around today have appeared within a here-disputed amount of time. The one thing about which we seem to be in agreement is that this is not the result of random processes, which randomly appeared at some point in time, or have for no reason existed forever.


Glark said…“So they would have developed writing and methods of recording history”.
The point is, even if they had a soul they left absolutely no accounting of themselves in this world.


Scientism is not driven by rational thought.


God is not a magician.

The Magician’s Twin - CS Lewis
A powerful must see video:

The Magician’s Twin: C.S. Lewis and the Case against Scientism

The Similarity Between Science and Magic

  1. Science as religion
  2. Science as credulity
  3. Science as power

Evolution is an alternative religion


We can’t tell from any skeleton, from any genetic testing, any other chemical or microscopic observations of any creature that it had a soul. A physical structure would have been moulded and behaved according to its nature through the activity and interaction of organic molecules within its cells. That nature, that which was its individual life is held to be irrrlevant to Darwinistic thinking. We cannot tell from physical remains that which is super-physical, the existence of different types of souls, ours being spiritual/rational. So, this information is called into question, rather than the Theory, which it does not support.


Understanding DNA to be like a “computer punchcard” reduces the complexity we find in nature to something more understandable. The analogy works on a material level, finding similarity between intracellular processes and the physical interaction of cards, sensors and processors that result in a corresponding output of printed material or perhaps the fabricated products of an assembly line. Of course the whole thing happens because there is a built-in order not natural to the components themselves, and which could not have generated itself, but would require a designer.

And the human spirit?

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