Does Donald Trump act like a Christian?


Donald Trump calls himself a Christian and many of his supporters say they are Christian.
Why question is, does Donald Trump act like a Christian.
I do not mean to judge Mr. Trump, but to me his actions are un-Christian-like.
Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter struck me as Christians, in their words and their deeds.
Any thoughts from my fellow CAF posters?


You have answered your own question and this thread is pointless.

You say you do not mean to judge Mr. Trump, but the fact that you’re making this thread to get people to trash him says otherwise. You are calling attention to Trump’s unchristian actions, when we’re all more than aware that they exist.

Can CAF just stop with these political bashing threads already? Can we get off our high horses?


Don’t mind me.
I’m just here for the ensuing dumpster fire this thread will devolve into.

But I brought popcorn to share :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:


I agree that this is pointless. While I personally find Trump to be odious, I see not profit from debating his adherence with Christian belief or morality. Every president faces challenges to morality and previously expressed moral positions. Politics sullies everyone who gets close to it. But someone has to do it.


Oh look another stone throwing thread… can we just stop?

  • not a Trump supporter, but I am so over this. :unamused:


Oh let us have a bit of fun for a bit:grin:


I find Trump’s religious professions kind of baffling, but at the same time I can appreciate that he does tend to favor religious freedom and is not as hostile towards Christianity as a lot of people are on the secular left. Naturally part of me questions whether or not this is just political motive for him but it is what it is. Iraq was a less hostile place for Christians under Saddam Hussein, for all of his garbage, compared to after he was removed. And he certainly wasn’t a Christian.


Actually, I made the thread to get an idea if those who like the President feel that his actions are Christian-like.
I do not care for his actions. I do not think he sets a good example for Christians.
Whether or not he is a good president remains to be seen. History will tell that story.
Thanks for playing! :pray:


The mere fact that people can’t act civilly is in part a creation of social and news media. I’m NOT talking about "fake" it’s the conditioning of isolated social media circles, it’s for profit media looking for dumpster fires and ways to create loyal and often angry viewers. This nation is addicted to reality TV and we literally have an episode playing out right now with Omarosa and Trump, you get what you asked for. I’m going to go no further nor post again to this thread unless it somehow remains civil. We however need continued communication for the sake of our nation as fellow Americans.

It may be sufficient in that you even feel compelled to ask the question.


I am not throwing stones.
All I am asking is, does Trump act like a Christian?
I try to lead a good Christian like, but it is a challenge, especially in times like the ones we live in at present.


I think that a President should be of high moral character, so it is something that should be debated.
Past presidents, including Obama, W. Bush, Clinton, and others have been judged by others (not me), based on moral character.
So why not trump?


Would you tell me what “religious freedom” means to you?


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