Does drinking a glass or two of wine dull or enhance you spiritually?

I quite drinking wine about 20 years ago, except at church. However, to celebrate Passover, I decided to drink the Jewish customary 4 cups of wine. The wine I bought, however, was so bitter that I could only drink 1 1/2 cups. I then bought a bottle Chardonnay, and have been drinking about a glass full for the past few days. As for how it affects me spiritually, I not sure, but I would be interested in how it affects others.

If anything, I’d say physical pleasures tend to dull us spiritually, because they incline us to temporal things rather than eternal. Alcohol in a large enough amount tends to cloud one’s judgment, which is definitely not a spiritual enhancement. That said, everyone has a different body chemistry and a different limit, and it’s hard to say exactly how a particular chemical change is going to affect a given individual.

Define ‘spirituality’… I didn’t think it was a feeling or a state-- I thought it had something to do with putting heavenly things above wordily things, or receiving and applying the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

When I said spiritual I meant one’s ability to experience the Holy Spirit.

Alcohol begins as a stimulant, and ends up as a “depressant.” That much is well known.

It depends on what I’m trying to do. If I’m trying to read scripture or some other religious book then a glass of wine tends to help. As a depressant, it helps counteract my default hyperactivity and allows me to focus a bit better. If I do two glasses then it would probably becomes a detriment. If I’m trying to pray it’s probably a detriment.

There are some great wines about,just need to find one that suits your pallet,

Christ alters your thinking about things…not drinks or drugs.

Thanks, but do you think that the Monks growing and drinking coffee enhances their spiritual ability? Drugs and alcohol certainly does not cause God to speak to us, but at least with coffee, it seems to more easily allows us to experience what God says. .

In my case, alcohol in general comes with a lot of negative baggage from my past. My dad drank too much for many years, and the family suffered for it. I started drinking as a teenager, when alcohol was forbidden fruit, and drinking then was always associated with getting into trouble in one way or another. These early aspects of drinking still haunt me, clouding my ability to have a mature outlook where alcohol is concerned. When I have a beer or a glass of wine now, I still feel like I’m doing something wrong. We used to drink to lower our inhibitions, and I still have that association too. We weren’t lowering our inhibitions so as to engage in spiritual pursuits, rather, just the opposite: carnal pleasures! So for myself, drinking a glass or two of wine does not enhance my sense of the spiritual, nor does it help me to stay on the straight and narrow path. Too much negative connotation.

They have a profession that helps them run the monastery. Big deal. Some grow bonsai. :shrug:

Do you think that listening to Gregorian Chant can increase one’s spirituality?

It brings down a wall.

This could mean that I pray for something I may have been ashamed to pray for when sober or it could mean that I am weaker when it comes to temptation, usually both.

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