Does every parish have rankings for their altar boys?


Hello! Here in out church we have 6 ranks for our altar boy.

Pre-membership: are those boys that are training to become an altar boy they don’t have any functions except to pray the rosary and learn about the catechism

Amicus: are boys that have been given the vestments and are allowed to serve the mass and will learn more prayers, vessels, linens and the use of them and what they look like

Frater: are boys that can become the main server or the leader his main duty is to make sure that everything is in the right order before mass and he should check the credence table. They will learn about the vestments of a priest and deacon, the bishop’s regalia simple parts of the mass and the parts of the church.

Servus: Are boys that are allowed to handle the thurible and boat, the processional cross and candle, be the book bearer and mic bearer and also leaders.

Discipulus: I don’t know yet

Apostolus: I don’t know yet either

I’m just interested oon how others rank their boys. Before the renewal and investiture of the altar boys they’ll have to take a test whether they rank up or rank down or just stay at what rank they are at.


NOPE. Those who come, serve and when there are too many to serve (HARDLY EVER HAPPENS) then they choose who will do so. No rankings or anything like that.


Nope. To my experience, that’s a rather rare setup.

You aren’t talking about an EF parish, are you?


Wow, that’s impressive…

my parish essentially has 3
Altar servers-white albs- boys and girls- serve daily Mass and weekend Masses
Masters of Ceremonies- Cassocks and surplices- Lead the altar servers in weekend Masses, serve Holy Week liturgies/Christmas Eve/ patronal feast/ procession
Head Master of Ceremonies- In charge of training both altar servers and MCs, coordinates the MCs, is usually the most senior of the MCs


Nope. But here we’re very strict as a nun once said to me “Be gentle BUT FIRM!” she ended up destroying her ruler by smacking it on her hand she regretted doing it xD


Are you in a Latin Mass parish?


Wow I’m kinds jealous yours look simple! Here we have to suffer but if its for our lord will do!

I’m currently at the rank of servus


Novus ordo


Nice! yeah- I’m currently an MC.

I can really appreciate your system- it probably creates more devoted servers


Wow! Good for you guys!


It really does! Every Saturday we meet up around 9 in the morning to pray the rosary then the meeting comes after. After the meeting we usually fool around (outside the church)


Wow, I’ve never heard of rankings for alter boys.

When I was alter boy many years ago, who did what was decided by rock, paper, scissors before each mass.


Ha! When I serve Benediction with a friend ( 2 man job - Thurifer and MC) we’ll do the same thing.

for larger Masses, we’ll draw straws


Wait seriously? Its very hard here I even need to study the complicated version of the parts of the mass!


Your parish must be quite large if you are able to have so many levels of training. Many parishes are desperate to have enough servers at all.

Are you saying your parish only has male servers? :thinking:


The Novus Ordo is not that hard…


It’s permissible, some would say encouraged.

The Diocese of Lincon does it


It’s permissible, but not everyone would agree it’s encouraged.


That’s why I qualified with ‘some would say’

Redemptoris Sacramentum

[47.] It is altogether laudable to maintain the noble custom by which boys or youths, customarily termed servers, provide service of the altar after the manner of acolytes, and receive catechesis regarding their function in accordance with their power of comprehension


Yep, everyone wanted to ring the bells or do something. Generally it was the seniors that did it but we had so many alter boys at one point that we had to come up with a system to delegate the tasks.

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