Does everyone sin everyday?

Okay, perhaps the most common everyday sin in lots would be unchastity, but for chaste people…
do they sin everyday?

I mean, in thoughts, words and actions?

and what if people have this psychological problem wherein they’d have the urge to do something that even they themselves don’t wanna do (I mean if they were on a high building, they’d have the urge to jump, even if they don’t want to.)

And also, is it challenging for the average Christian to go for a whole day without sinning?

The word sin can also mean “missing the mark”. So I would have to say yes.

We refer in fact to “daily sins”…

Hopefully they are not fully deliberate though…such should be worked on …seeking to avoid them the most (after mortal) (though our focus should be on “following Christ”) …for they can become a effect the spiritual life more…

In fact the Church teaches that without a special grace from God we will have some venial sins…let us let them humble us and turn us right away to God asking forgiveness and with an act of love…

and remember that the reality of being “in Christ” as Paul put it…of “living in Christ”…of being a* saint via baptism…even if we struggle against ‘daily sins’…indeed let is live in this reality* and focus on Christ

“At the beginning of Christianity, the members of the Church were also called “saints”. In his First Letter to the Corinthians, St Paul addresses “those sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be saints together with all those who in every place call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ” (I Cor 1: 2). Indeed, Christians are already saints because Baptism unites them to Jesus and to his Paschal Mystery, but at the same time they must become so by conforming themselves every more closely to him.” (emp added)

~Pope Benedict XVI

Let us pray “forgive us our trespasses …” daily and even more often (in some places in the early Christians prayed it three times a day) …and follow Jesus of Nazareth with joy! (knowing too that he loves them …even in the midst of struggles…)

As for the psychological problem…well do not jump for firsts! and the person should seek professional help for this…

Involuntary thoughts are not the same thing as sins…

see my post on thoughts …

And the person may have OCD or related problems (I have known someone with such…it was a difficulty for them to say the least). I found this from Jimmy

Pope Benedict goes to Confession. Psychological problems should be discussed with a priest as to how they impact your behavior.


Everyone sins every day. In Proverbs it states that a just man can sin seven times a day, or something to that effect. We are not made righteous by our lack of sins, but rather by our true sorrow and repentance for them. God then uses this to guide us away from sin.

[BIBLEDRB]Luke 18:10-14[/BIBLEDRB]

I don’t think it it is challenging to go through a whole day without committing a mortal sin. It might be harder to avoid venial sins.

Perhaps it is better to discuss psychological problems outside of Reconciliation?

Yes we sin everyday. Some of us fall easier than others into temptation, but we all fall.


We sin everyday. Many sin mortal everyday. But God is merciful.

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