Does fatigue exempt one from Sunday obligation?

Hi, last sunday, my wife felt tired from laundry work which she had to do herself when our laundryhelper did not not come to do the job on saturday. I myself was not feeling OK because of my medical condition (cirrhosis of the liver) so we decided to skip going to church for the Mass. However, earlier in the day, we watched a TV Healing Mass and later in the evening, we decided to again watch another TV Mass. Do you think we missed our sunday obligation? Although we knew that my wife was not supposed to do manual work (laundry) on a sunday, she had no choice as our children needed fresh clothes for another week.

Depending on the gravity of your illness, it’s possible you were excused from your Sunday obligation. With regard to your wife, however, I don’t see how her fatigue from laundry duty would exempt her from her Sunday obligation. For this particular case, I would encourage your wife to confess her missing Sunday Mass in the Sacrament of Confession.

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