Does follwing Jesus mean families split apart?

I’m not sure which verse it is,but there is a bible verse where Jesus said He’s come to bring a sword between families/brother,father.
So does this mean,if your family didn’t like religion,your family would fight and split apart because you’d have to choose to follow Gods ways first over your family?
I dont really like the thought of this:(

It means that if you are to follow Christ, you must be prepared to be shunned by all who know you. It is even possible that following Christ will put you at odds with your family. Jesus is not advocating violence, He is just pointing out that following Him is a long, sometimes lonely road.

Take note though that God values the family and wants us to stay intact at all costs. Jesus just put the reality that being a follower of his may mean that our own family will turn their backs on us.

Would you rather be accepted by your family for remaining in a non Catholic group that you sincerely don’t believe in? Or would you rather be accepted by God for being obedient to Him and following Him into his One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, no matter what the cost?

I don’t like the thought of this either, but it seems true

I agree.

I came into the Catholic Church in my 20’s. I can say that there were friends and family, just knowing that I went to church on Sunday, had reason enough to shun and ridicule me. I’ve gone to work related Christmas parties and drank 7up, which was noticed by the drinkers, and that alone was enough to get negative comments and ridicule. My experience is that you don’t have to say a word to be a target in a room of non-believers.

There is a Catholic hospital close by my home that has a cross high up on it’s roof for the city to see. It’s lit up at night as well. I’ve heard people say they hate ‘that thing’ and wish it would get ripped down.

I think that when Christ speaks of the sword He brings, He’s referring to the battle that’s going on for souls. You can be sure that there are people who hate Christ want Him erased from their sight and would if it was in their power too. A little cross around someone’s neck can be enough to irritate them. They are carrying a sword as well and are in battle.

This has been my experience. Some family members were merciless about my decision to convert. It was awful, really painful.

You are right Music2, it is not a nice thing but unfortunately it happens to many. I hope you are not experiencing this kind of thing. In case you are, my prayers are with you.

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