"Does Francis know he sounds like an abuser?"


I have a number of friends who have escaped abusive marriages. They tell me that Pope Francis is sounding more and more like the men who abused them. He’s sounding like the men who hid that abuse from the world, who taught their victims to blame themselves, who used spiritual pressure to persuade them and their families that it would actually be wrong, sinful, to defend themselves.

Just listen to him. After responding to a question about Vigano’s very serious accusations, he said point blank, “I will not say a single word on this.” Several of the faithful speculated that he may have had this or that logistical reason for putting off responding to that specific question; fine. But for the rest of the week and more, he kept up an unmistakable theme of calling for silence, equating silence with holiness, and painting himself as a Christlike victim in his silence. Then he says it’s “ugly” to accuse others of sinning.Then he suggests that healing and reconciliation will only come if we take a hard look at our own flaws.

These statements are all true. They all reflect Christian thought. They would be reasonable at any other time in recent history. But coming right in the middle of our ongoing agony, they land as heavily as a fist on a bruise.

To the victims of the Church, and to those who love them, it sounds like he is saying, “Who do you think you are? I don’t have to explain myself to you. You’re the guilty one. You brought this on yourself. If you want to be loved, then know your place. I’m the victim, here, not you. If you know what’s good for you, keep your mouth shut.”

This is how abusers talk. They’re not content with power; they have to keep their victims doubting and blaming themselves constantly, so they don’t become a threat. Whether Francis knows it or not, this is how he sounds.

Okay, what? I know there are different views on the Holy Father’s responses and also about his possible guilt. But this is wrong. He isn’t referring to the victims when speaking about silence: he’s speaking about the Vigano report. Has no one considered anything he’s said previously about victims? 'Cause this piece’s assertions don’t line up with those statements at all.


I didn’t think he was speaking about the victims but I did expect that people were going to take it in a very negative light.

I can’t say that I agree with him addressing Vigano in this manner if that is the case, though in fairness to him, only he knows. If he says “I will not say another word on this” then if he’s addressing Vigano in his sermon, he shouldn’t use the pulpit to indirectly take swipes and throw shade. That is not what the pulpit is for. He would have every right to address the allegations head on and I’d rather he’d do it directly rather than in such a passive-aggressive manner if he’s addressing Vigano.


I think you’re right. I agree that he is most likely not talking about victims, but the way it comes off is just…indifferent and uncaring. Even if he doesn’t mean it, that’s the vibe that people are going to get from this tact, like it or not. He should have just kept his word and maintained his silence, but as you point out, he is indirectly calling Vigano a gossip and has made it quite clear that he thinks Vigano is lying. This is not the first time he has done this in his homilies, he took a couple of shots at Trump in a similar manner leading up to the 2016 election in one memorable incident. His writings, such as his last apostolic exhortation, often exhibit this quality as well (almost every document that he has put out calls out “legalists” in what are clear swipes at “conservative” clergy).

He must realize he can’t keep this stance forever. Like the situation in Chile, it will eventually build up to the point that it will blow up in his face if even some of the accusations made by Vigano are true.


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Well, like I’ve said a few times, I stand with the Pope :vatican_city:

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I remember what he said about victims in Chile


I remember, too.

Cruz said that during his private encounter with Francis, the pope acknowledged: “I was part of the problem. I caused this, and I apologize to you.”


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