Does God call people to be separate from Catholic Eucharist


Yes perhaps now, after further decree, but apparently was common practice, by decree i think a while back.( before Vat II ?)…I am referencing a Melkite church in the area.


Seems like a hierarchical institution is what it is all about, this Body of Christ…but thank you that we are not judged by what “card” we carry, save that it be stamped by the Blood, nor the rewards and jobs we have in heaven.


I dont understand what you are talking about


There are even modern Bishops trying to bring everyone to receive in this fashion.

I am opposed to the preference of these Bishops and their focus on gestures. We have way too many issues to deal with concerning the hearts of Catholics.

The reverence for the Eucharist must extend into the actions in our daily lives and when no one is looking at us. These Bishops should be focussed on what people are struggling with; how do we act irreverent towards the Holy Spirit!!!


Melkite is an Eastern Rite and they distribute communion very differently than the Latins. They use a method of intinction, where the host is dipped into the cup

You can see at about 1:02 in this video.

There are many aspects of the Church. Hierarchical structure is only one of them.


took a look thank you…amazing days we live in …the bible does say in the last days information will be flowing to and fro like never before…sounds very arabic


Well, Jesus DID authorize His Church to make decisions on His behalf…

So when they changed it to either/or, then BOTH are okay. Again, ONLY because HIS Church said so.


I was attempting to convey that there was not a single thought (we see this right from Scriptures as St. Paul refuses to travel with John Mark and Barnabas offers to take him with him instead, as an example); held by every single Christian throughout Church history; that there were divergences that took place and these promoted and produced heresies that the Church (again we see this right from Scriptures) fought and warned against.

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This is where the Transubstantiation takes place; it is not the bread and wine that nourishes Jesus’ Follower but His Body/Flesh and Blood.

However, I do not define this interchange; it is Jesus and His Apostles that define it.

Yet, as with all things God, each individual person must reason out his/her own understanding of God’s Revelation.

Some of the Apostles had some things wrong, as some of the Fathers; yet, only those that taught a different Gospel/Doctrine fell into heresy.

If you do not accept the “concept” of Christ Body/Flesh and Blood being the form which nourishes His Followers I do not have a problem with that; my problem is with your teaching that it is not Jesus’ Body/Flesh and Blood but a symbol that nourishes His Followers.

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Sadly, Catholics seem to be wanting to include non-Catholics so they use terms familiar to them; however, as we have witnessed here and in other instances, this fails since non-Catholics have a totally different understanding of the term/s.

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Why does it take years?

It takes time because it is not a round up of nays and ayes–definition takes shape and the understanding is resolved.

“Mother of God” does not mean that the Virgin is a deity; rather, it means that Jesus was God and existed as God before and after the Incarnation of the Word.

Surely, you can reason that such expression may not have existed along with the understanding of the vocabulary; yet, you may also reason that such expression could well have seem inflammatory (as it is even now) amongst Believers… till the issue was resolved by definition and practice.

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Actually not!

It is not because of Christ’s Sacrifice but because of Christ’s Supper; it was Christ Who made the Revelation that He Offered His Body an Blood and that He Commanded that His Followers Commemorated His Supper not His Crucifixion and Death!

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I’m Dominican, there are beverages and foods that other Latinos and non-Latinos do not usually share (the truth is also vice versa). It would be a foreign thing for me to offer you say “habichuela con dulce” as most non-Dominicans do not make the same connection to beans that I do.

So it is with the Body of Christ. Catholics Believe that Christ’s Supper is not a symbolic gesture of remembrance to be held according to the development of the 18th or 21st centuries (yes, symbol; no more than; yes, but only on special occasions; yes, everyone can partake; no only the initiated; yes, but only once a moth… “real presence” in a spiritual way; “real presence” as “xyz” person define/s/d it…); so it is quite difficult to have a union of divergent understanding and yet simply, as milk, throw a switch to homogenize the Lord’s Supper into a palatable and politically correct act.

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Could it be because you “Believe” in Jesus but not Believe Jesus?

He stated: “this is My Body; this is My Blood.”

He did not say 'this is like my body or this is like my blood.

You choose to see a symbol where Christ did not institute a symbol.

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She probably holds St. John suspect in suggesting that God can make, out of stones, offspring to Abraham.

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Remember when Obama took office and some “Catholic” school “honored” him, how the letters “IHS” had to be covered so as not to “offend” the sensibilities of non Catholics?

…I suspect that this was very much the same situation–perhaps unwarranted or perhaps requested.

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…more so, that He is God and hence the Word that Became Incarnate.

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…so how do you determine that it was God-sourced?

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I ask God to stop the rain and wait till I’m home before releasing it–it happens!

Is it God-source happening or am I causing the rain to stop or is it a coincidence or is some et reading my mind and taking care of it?

…it was once coined ‘slippery slope…’

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Yet not one of them would eat/chew the Flesh nor drink the Blood; not even if “symbolically!”

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