Does God call people to be separate from Catholic Eucharist


So St. Paul had it wrong; he insisted that there was One Body, One Spirit, One Baptism, One Gospel, One Lord, One God…

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…and I have been told by people in the choir, lectors, and other active members of various Catholic parishes that all religions lead to God, that Salvation is found without Christ, that homosexuals should not be impeded from being Catholics…

…yeah, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

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Well, the format was put out there… source, God–go ahead!

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…where division is the norm, how could anything be seen as a division, does it not just get chucked up to “different?”

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So Lutheran believe that a person can lose “Salvation?”

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Could you be confusing cultural behavior with mandates from the Church?

Mom, till the day she died believed that it was her obligation to pray for the conversion of the world and for the souls in Purgatory–for years she had been homebound and could not Receive the Body of Christ at the local parish… not once did I find a Priest/Nun/Religious checking up on her to see if she was keeping up with her Catholic “obligations.”

The respect granted to the Eucharist has been watered down just as the meaning of “Christian,” “Catholic,” the “Holy Eucharist,” and many other religious and cultural values.

As a child, I experienced the most beautiful thing in my local parishes: the whole community of Catholics would kneel and receive the Body of Christ, on their tongues.

That practice was eventually terminated as the local parishes removed the kneelers from around the altar.

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Since you are insisting on a load… here’s one, what is really scary for me is that one day there will be a “Christian” body that will vote God out of office (oh, wait, most non-Catholics and many Catholics reject Jesus’ Mandate to not get divorced and remarried and divorced… and have sexual relations all over the place… and…); and what is really scary is that atheists don’t need to sell such values anymore; “Catholics” and “Christians” are not only buying but also selling them!

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Evangelicals… What are “tangible expressions of the Gospel”??


Being the hands and feet of Christ to the world. It is based on true love and service to mankind. I am part of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank organization. A farmer will designate a field of land which is set aside for the purpose of local farmers working together to seed, grow and harvest a crop, so they come together on appointed days to accomplish this with many combines, trucks etc . The larger community is given the opportunity to “purchase” an acre of land by cash donation which provides the farmer who donated the land usage his usual rent. The farm equipment dealers, seed and fertilizer companies, grain purchasing companies co-operate by providing seeds, fertilizer and other inputs free of charge. The grain company will accept the grain the day of harvest so there is no storage complications. The grain cheque is made out to the Foodgrains organization which then ends up being matched by governments at a ratio of 4:1. The proceeds are used to provide starving people in other countries with actual grain produce for human consumption.

This popular joint effort was first iniatiated by the Mennonite Church and now is a joint effort involving Catholic and non-Catholic farmers representing most churches. It has been accepted as a very practical and tangible expression of the Gospel in western Canada.


I meant when the Evangelicals call the bread and wine tangible expressions of the gospel


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No problem. That was kinda relavant too.

You mean corporal works of mercy?


That is an unfamiliar expression but yes I suppose. They would be a tangible expression of the Gospel in my world.


You’ve never heard of Corporal Works of Mercy?


Oh, I have heard it, sure, but it is not a common term for me.


Do you see the bread and wine as tangible expressions of the gospel?


In the church I attend we have weekly communion (shocking I know!). The preacher usually says something like, “If you are a visitor today we hope you hear the gospel in our worship and songs, learn the gospel through the preaching and teaching, and see the gospel in the bread and cup because the bread and cup show us that Christ body was broken and beaten for our salvation”.


Yes. Interesting. Do the bread and wine show this? Or do we already know this before the Rite?


They are tangible expressions of the Gospel in that they represent His broken body and blood which serve as a reminder that we have died with Him, are resurrected with Him and are incorporated into the Body of Christ.


Well, He usually also adds something like “The Bread represents the Body of Christ that was broken for us and the cup represents the Blood of Christ that was poured out for us”. Sometimes he will read the last supper narrative to explain the meaning of the bread and cup for any who are unfamiliar with what we are doing.

We do not have a formal liturgy so it varies from week to week and from speaker to speaker.

But we know that the body and blood show the sacrifice of Christ because we have been taught it does and we want others, who haven’t been taught that, to understand and see it as well.

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