Does God care what we wear to church?

I noticed at church last Sunday a variety of people dressed up in a variety of ways. Please forgive me for noticing such trivial things – I have A D D and sometimes get a little distracted.

For example, there were men in suits and ties, women in dresses, folks (like me) in business casual (khaki pants and a nice shirt), people in tee shirts and jeans, etc, and almost everything in between.

The women in general looked a little nicer than the men, but isn’t that always the case? :slight_smile:

Most wore nice shoes while others wore gym shoes, boots, etc. The styles and fashions ran the gamut. One elderly lady even came in wearing a very old-fashioned flowery hat that looked like something out of ‘Gone with the Wind’. “Frankly, Scarlet…” :smiley:

Another example were our ushers. There was one lady usher in a church-sponsored tee shirt (had our church’s name on it and indicated she is part of a team that serves). Most men ushers were clean-cut and wore dress pants and nice shirts, while one usher looked like a biker guy with a bandana and beard and a pony tail.

I began to think to myself, “Is this typical of most churches?”
Does God care what we wear to church?

*Your thoughts? *

I grew up in an era when what you wore to church was considered a reflection of your attitude and respect to God, but I realize others may see things differently today. God bless :tiphat:

You’ll get different takes on what’s appropriate and what is not, but modesty is certainly important. Of course, people debate what modesty requires, but some things are generally accepted, such as no midriff baring, cleavage, no microskirts, etc.

As to how formally/casually you dress, there are no hard and fast rules. Not everyone can afford special clothes for Mass, but if you have the ability, it can be a sign of respect to “dress up”, as you might if someone invited you to dine with them.

Also, no head-covering for men, unless it’s part of a religious/clerical garb.

I don’t think God cares and understands that we all can’t dress to the nines for church.

For example I live in the country with an unpaved driveway. I also have trouble getting my feet in and out of the car. I always get my pant legs dirty. So I wear Levis and boots with a dress shirt. And since I am balding I wear a 10 gallon hat to and from the church.

When I lived in a bigger town and hadn’t had the stroke yet, I always wore a suit and tie, or a sports coat. Those days are long gone now.

Thanks for your input, Havard and andrewstx. Sorry to hear about your stroke, andrew.
I am glad to hear that you are still able to get around. :slight_smile:

Not in my opinion, as long as you are not going to church looking like a ratchet. I go sometimes in my pajamas.

This comes up a lot in the forums, I think. My feeling is that God cares more about what’s in your heart.

The contents of your heart CAN be reflected by your choice of apparel. People who dress ornately may intend to communicate respect but accidentally communicate vanity. People who dress slovenly may intend to communicate humility but accidentally communicate disrespect.

I try to dress simply and respectfully, but my jeans and polo shirt would offend others. Good thing I’m not there to impress anyone.

Thanks for putting things in perspective, 1newcatholic. :thumbsup:

I don’t think he cares specifically. But it is nice to wear nice clothes since it shows respect.

People wear their best to a wedding. Why not wear your best to something much more important than a wedding?

I even occasionally see a few people wearing shorts and sandals in the summer along with occasional school-age baseball or soccer players who arrive in their uniforms just before going to their games. That, I must admit, takes a little getting used to, although I’m glad they decided to attend church. Why do these teams have to schedule games at that time, anyway, I wonder?

My sons (now in their 20’s) sometimes say, “Dad, welcome to the 21st century”. :smiley:
I guess I deserve that.

God does not care at all what is worn to church.

That said,

What we wear can be a reflection of our attitudes about things. So people should keep that in mind when they dress for church.

Well said, Jon S. I can’t argue with that logic.

:eek: :confused: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: With fuzzy slippers?

Well, we have gone to Mass before soccer games and we dress my daughter in her soccer uniform pants and jacket. A few times we have come from games to Mass but not so often. There are so many teams now that is can be a scheduling headache. We never miss Mass due to sports and even away at tournaments, we make sure to attend. Mass is always first priority. Sometimes we have gone to other parishes if the timing is better. I’ve also seen people wear work uniforms to Mass, mechanics, medical, etc. I think this is the reality of a 24/7 type society.

I agree that God cares most about what is in our hearts than what is on our bodies. However, when we have choices, what we choose to wear should reflect what we feel about being in the presence of God.

Taken literally, this could mean showing up for Mass in a formal gown or tuxedo, which would call unwanted attention. But consider what you’d wear to a job interview, wedding, funeral or other meaningful event.

This is not to say that someone should stay away from Mass because they don’t have the right clothes - God knows what’s in our hearts. But shouldn’t we put more time and effort into dressing to face our Lord and Savior than we do for hanging around the house, running to the grocery, or going to work?

Just my opinion.

I think God *does *care what we wear. Isn’t He worth looking presentable for? Bothering to dress nicely says “I love and respect you”.

I seem to recall at least two apparitions of the Blessed Virgin where she said that God is very much offended by our fashions. She was referring to our apparel, among other things. I know my mother hates to see people in shorts at Mass.

I think you’re right on that, rob. When you put it in perspective from the side of the parents, it makes more sense to me now and I see your reasoning. I applaud you and your family for taking the time to attend church. Thanks for the response!

Hi boomerang,
I agree God is worth looking presentable for. :slight_smile:

I also now see how certain folks, like people with jobs who are either coming to Mass directly from work, etc may need to wear work clothes out of necessity. However, when at all possible, I agree we should dress respectably at church and not like we’re going down to the local corner store.

Note: I once saw a woman in curlers at a grocery store once. It was kind of funny. I was tempted to tell her she didn’t have to dress up on our account. :slight_smile:

What is a “ratchet” and do you truly wear your pyjamas to Mass? :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

Yes, imagine a man who invites a girl to a nice restaurant, and she shows up in torn jeans and a hard-rock t-shirt.

OTOH, I just assume everyone else is doing the best they can. I once had a broken bone in my foot that was not bad enough to get a cast for but which caused such a swelling only my really ratty summer shoes would fit my feet. In December. :frowning:

Thanks to everyone for your replies.

I’m old-school so I still believe in dressing in nice clothes for church out of respect to our Lord whenever possible, but I understand there may be reasons like arriving to church directly from work or a ballgame where there may not always be possible.

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