Does God "curse" you for not going to church?

Hi everyone.

I always wanted to ask this question because of my personal experiences that I have had from not going to church and going to church. For some reason, every time I dont go to church, my week ends up being filled with stress and unhappiness and usually something bad happens. But yet when I go to church, my week ends up being great and nothing bad happens. I have noticed this trend for so long that its almost impossible not to see it if you were me. So now I ask, does God make your week bad or otherwise allows misfortune to occur to you if you don’t go to church? What can I do if I don’t go to church? Thank you!

I do not think God curses you for not going to Church.

No. I haven’t had bad luck since not attending Mass

I do not believe God curses you for missing Mass or Church, though as Catholics we do believe it is a sin to do so unless ill, or some other non-avoidable emergency occurs.

It may be that going to Church helps you gain a sense of focus and attention that is somehow disturbed when you miss. This then sets you up to experience things more negatively, which then affects other events and people. (Ever heard of the butterfly effect?)

It may be just old coincidence too. Try to solve the issues that are keeping you from attending Church, but if you can’t at least take some extra time to pray during the day and take some time to simply listen to God in silence. (I have done this and it seems to help me keep on track and deal with things better.)

I noticed that my week seemed worse if I missed Mass because I “excused myself” from going because I was “tired”, or “didn’t feel like it”. I think it resulted from the guilt I felt at knowing I had deliberately sinned by not going.

When I miss Mass (as I did last week) due to illness, but pray to Our Lord, it seems I get well just a bit faster, and my week goes well. I also go to Confession when I miss Mass just “because”, and I won’t do it again for months or a year or more. Sometimes I really am too tired and feel poorly, but that’s mainly because I’m an “old lady” of 71 yrs, 11 months and 3 weeks!!! LOL

Just pray an extra Rosary, or say the Hail, Holy Queen and perhaps a decade of the Rosary several times a day (especially if you have a very busy day with work or school), and be sure to go to Confession next week. Saying the Confiteor also is recommended by my Priest, until I can get to Confession!
It’s not a “curse” from God, it is the guilt of knowing you did wrong, unless you had good reason. When I worked as a Nurse, I spent 2 years having to work every weekend except during my annual vacation time, and my Priest told me I was excused because of this, but to attend a week day Mass on my day off. Even though I had worked a “double” (3 pm to 7:30 am); I drove the 50 miles home and went straight to Mass before going home to get some desperately needed sleep once a week on a week day. Made a huge difference in my life!

Be at peace, you are not cursed by God, but need to make an effort to attend the Sunday Obligation (or Sat. Vigil Mass), and go to Confession when this happens, and pray for forgiveness when it occurs. Since you feel all goes so much better when you attend Mass on the week end, I think you’ve gotten your “nudge” from God already! God bless & help you!:thumbsup:

No God does not do this. If anything when you do not go it is displeasing to Him and you can also say it grieves Him that someone does not want to unite with Him in Holy Communion. However God wants to unite with you so any troubles that may come your way are not from Him. God sends His Mercy and Love and that is what He sends. It is up to us to receive it.

There are dark angels who want to bring us to disaster. Christ heals and strengthens…

1 Peter 5:8-10 Stay sober and alert. Your opponent the devil is prowling like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, solid in your faith, realizing that the brotherhood of believers is undergoing the same sufferings throughout the world. The God of all grace, who called you to his everlasting glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish those who have suffered a little while.

I dont think so, but I cant help but feel the same way too.

I don’t think God does.

But in my experience perhaps we can curse ourselves.

When we go to church we feed the spirit with God.

When we don’t go to church we are more likely to fill our soul with things of the world. Many of these things can have curse like qualities. Anything from loneliness and depression to physical ills and addictions.

By not going to church,
we deprive ourselves of the blessings
we would have received
by going to church.


Heb 12:7-10 Endure your trials as the discipline of God, who deals with you as sons. For what son is there whom his father does not discipline? If you do not know the discipline of sons, you are not sons but bastards. If we respected our earthly fathers who corrected us, should we not all the more submit to the Father of spirits, and live? They disciplined us as seemed right to them, to prepare us for the short span of mortal life; but God does so for our true profit, that we may share his holiness.

“Does God “curse” you for not going to church?” NO!

God does not “curse” people for not going to church.

However, the opposite is true. We receive real grace/blessings by going to church, and especially by participating in the sacraments, Eucharist primarily but also confession.

So if you notice your weeks are better when you go to church, perhaps it is because if these graces.

Bump. Id like more insights from you guys, I appreciate it greatly.

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