Does God ever prevent someone from Marraige?


I know that we all have free will to choose the good. However, what if a person wants to get married but every attempt at dating/ friendship with opposite sex has failed miserably. (lets say that said person is NOT social awkward and is actually quite pleasant.) Is it unfair to say God is responsible for none of those relationships working out? Would God prevent such things on account of deterring one from marriage?


I would say it’s possible, but we shouldn’t be too hasty to conclude “God is causing this” or “God is preventing this.” He permits things to happen, including things which are not in themselves good. And sometimes our circumstances change suddenly.


My opinion is that God does not destroy. He goes with our choices that we might learn from them. He gives us opportunities to love as best we can in those moments we are living. I do, however, firmly believe that He will give us signs (not signs to look for but ones which are pretty obvious to see) that might indicate with serious discernment if a certain relationship will bring both parties closer to God. Discernment is for all Christians, not just religious-aspirants, and this involves deciding if a person is suited to a certain person or even marriage in general.


I agree with this. We should not jump to conclusion particularly if before hand we haven’t fully determined that well maybe the reason why it didn’t work due to my own actions. It is always good to do some retro introspect review of our own personal faults and what we did and what can we do better before jumping and saying that God is preventing something from happening.

Now I think there may be some particular exceptions of people that god has predestined to religious life. If I remember correctly from sir Faustina’s diary at some point she was undecided about marriage and religious life. So she prayed God to give her a sign and to show her his will. She tried dating to see what happened and something happened (can’t recall exactly what happen sorry) that she immedialty realized this is not what God wants and she went right to the convent.

Now notice that with sir Faustina she asked God first and she requested him to show her his will and she was willing to accept it. She did not just go about dating had a bunch of failures and said maybe God doesn’t me to marry. That is a big difference. God is always going to respect you and is not going to force you to anything. If someone has been through discernment and praying and ask God for his will then God will send clear signals. But if the person hasn’t done that then probably need to look at their own selves firstbefore jjumping to conclusions that God is preventing them from something.


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