Does God exist beyond human reason?


Or is he kind of bound to it? Could God make a square triangle, or create an object that He couldn’t move??


This kind of question has been raised before on this forum and you may want to search out the appropriate threads.

God is not bound by human reason because human reasoning and understandings are feeble and often flawed. Human reasoning is the wrong standard to apply to God.

That having been said, we can still deduce some kind of answer to your question. Using human reason alone, we can see that the questions are flawed in and of themselves. The questions set up a contradiction. The questions are flawed and inappropriate. By the definitions of a square and a triangle one can see that they are not compatible. To make each one something they are not is simply contradictory unless one admits to a change having occurred. God is not contradictory in nature and neither are His actions in creation.

I hope this helps.


Do we exsist beyound human reasoning?


I think I would reject the question of “human” reason. Logic is of God. I would ask, “Is God true to His own rational nature?” to which the answer would be yes.


God created all and is above all creation.
He created the Natural Laws of this world to allow our feeble “human reason” to find comfort in consistancy and logic.


The “Word” (Logos) is different in Greek then the english logic.




Yes, but of course the word logic is derived from the word logos. I guess the question is something like, “Is human logic a purely human construct, or does it reflect the rational nature of God?” I would say the latter.

For example, here’s a logical law: It is not the case that A and not-A (law of non-contradiction).

Could God make it the case that A and not-A? If one thinks that this is “human” reason and God is not “bound” by “human” reason, then one should say yes.

I’d say no.


But maybe this isn’t what the OP is asking. Is there more to God than a rational nature? Yes, of course. Is that what the question is asking? In that case, I’d also agree with the posts which say WE exist beyond human reason. :slight_smile:


God cannot do certain things for example, God cannot sin or do evil, this in no way limits his omnipotence. I read somewhere that omnipotence is the ability to do what you set out to. As God cannot contradict his own nature there are some things God cannot do because he does not desire to, for example sin.

As for the Sqaure and triangle, dog and cat, lift, pick up, these are concepts that only exist in the human mind they are so called ‘universal ideas’. For example a Dog in the human mind represents all dogs, this allows us to write ‘i own a Dog’. These univeral ideas help us to make sense of the world, it is what seperates us from animals who rely on sense alone. We cannot apply the universal ideas to the actions of God as these ideas only exist in the mind, in reality there is not a ‘Dog’ but an arrangement of matter, each ‘Dog’ with a different arrangement.

Therefore we cannot say can God square a triange, because outside the mind their is no such thing as a triangle but in this case only matter. The square triangle impossibility only exisits in our mind, not outside of it.



This is not a square to an animal or a baby as it has no universal concept of square.

I got the book Thomas aquinas made easy by robert o donnel, its got some of this stuff in it.

I may be wrong :thumbsup:


First of all, human reason comes from God; so it cannot be so that God is bound by human reason, since we have no reason other then what is given:). I would say that his nature is what binds reason and that he is the reason of which he is bound.

What i would speculate is that certain truths are extentions of Gods eternal being. A triangle is a truth that naturally extends from Gods being.

I don’t know if that is the case; mabey there has been more fruitfull replies.


If God made a square triangle then it wouldn’t be a triangle anymore. But of course triangle is our definition and he is not limited by that.


God can’t make a square circle or a round triangle. Such a thing is a contradiction and God can’t contradict himself.


A square triangle does not exist.

My arguement was that a triangle is a triangle, because it is a logical truth that extends from Gods nature of being. Humans never made it up; it is an objective truth that we discovered through our God given reason.


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