Does God Forgive Everyone Unconditionally?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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He forgives everyone that sincerely asks for forgiveness.


So no. He doesn’t forgive everyone.

Everyone that sincerely wants to be forgiven, yes.


The only sin that cannot be forgiven is that which we do not ask forgiveness from God for. This poll seems a bit oversimplified.


It’s not. If you don’t ask forgiveness you don’t get forgiven.

Yeah, so? Why should God forgive people that know they are sinning but don’t even bother to ask for forgiveness? I am not sure what your point is.

The poll is oversimplified. I am not sure what the point is. The OP’s responses do not seem to welcome dialogue. I won’t vote.


OP, are we accepting nuances? Maybe God forgives all, but some do not accept forgiveness, like receiving a gift and throwing it away.

There is no need of nuance.

Okay, but please define forgive and forgiveness.


If you sincerely repent, y es. If He were to forgive us without us having to repent, wouldn’t that just be condoning sin? Jesus never did that. “Go and sin no more”

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Everyone’s sins have been paid for. So forgiveness is available to everyone!


Per Matthew 6:14-15, God’s forgiveness is definitely conditional, predicated on this condition being met:

“If you forgive others their transgressions, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you do not forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your transgressions.” — Mt 6:14-15 (NABRE)


Unconditionally? No, contrition and the sacrament of baptism and, for sins after baptism, penance–or least the (explicit or implicit) desire for the sacrament–are necessary conditions.

Likewise, “reparation for evil and scandal, compensation for injury, and satisfaction for insult are conditions for forgiveness” (St. John Paul II, Dives in Misericordia 14), and if we do not make it in this life, it will be exacted in the final purification before we are completely at perfect peace with God.

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@Onesheep I am not looking forward to rehashing Universalism here.


This is a whole different topic.

He forgives everyone. A sign of that forgiveness is we have Jesus. He gave Jesus and offered Him for the sake of everyone (without exceptions) even we all sinned against God. And we’re still alive and surviving!

No. He forgives everyone WHO ASKS.

But not everyone is justified, but many. We hear this in the Consecration every Mass.

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I have to admit I was looking forward to finding out what unconditional forgiveness is after @Beryllos asked, but still don’t know!

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