Does God forgive if I intend Confession but cannot yet?


I am set to be confirmed in April, and my priest said that while I am eligible to go to confession because of my Christian baptism, I shouldn’t until around January. While I trust his judgment, it is incredibly painful to not be able to go to confession. I have mortal sin within me and I want to purge it from me as soon as possible. It pains me to be cut off from God, I feel that my prayers fall on deaf ears because of this. I still have the sin of pornography, and it’s habitual and is my go-to way of releasing stress and anger. I know it’s a grave sin and I have resisted sometimes in the past, but I always seem to keep tripping up. It happened earlier tonight, actually.

A) Are my prayers completely unheard or unanswered? Is there even a point in praying while in this state?
B) If I have sin, but feel immense guilt afterward, should I pray immediately afterward or am I too unclean at that moment to approach God?
C) I intend to go to confession as soon as I am able to expunge these sins from myself and make myself in good standing with God. Does this count for anything, or does it only count once it actually happens?


Someone more knowledgeable than me will chime in soon but I’ve never heard that one is unable to pray when in a state of sin. That doesn’t sound right.

Intent to go to confession as soon as possible is allowed for those who wish to receive communion, from what I’ve read (correct me if I’m wrong, more knowledgeable folks) so I don’t see why prayer would be any different.

You are not cut off from God, He is always always with you.


1st your issue of Confeeson

Make an Act of Perfect Contrition [GOOGLE it] and that will suffice until you make your Confession; but know the Act of Perfect Contrition hinges on you getting to Sacramental Confession as SOON as it IS possible for you [even if inconvenient

[A] All prayers are answered BUT God has 3 choices: Yes, No & Not Now

God reads your heart & IS on your side!

[B] Beg forgiveness immediately, which will only mean something to GOD if you actually means it and DESIRE not to sin that way again WITH Gods Grace

[C] Your SINCERE iNtentions DO count a long as they are followed by SINCERE action. If your Catholic call and make an appointment to see your priest ASAP; and KNOW that you are gravely obligated to Confess As SOON as it is POSSIBLE for you to do so

Do GOOGE “A Perfect Act of Contrition” space is too limited to permit me to detail it here

Pray very much


Prayer is probably prompted by the goodNess of God.
Pray away. We are not forbidden this while in a state of sin. It is actually incredibly important to do this when in a state of sin. God hears us.

Perfect contrition is a very good thing to have.

To stop pornography, pray the Rosary every single day without exception. Ask God very much for graces when tempted. It can be very difficult I know. Bring these difficulties all to Christ.

Confess it without intention to ever do it again.


Make an act of contrition right now! Nothing stopping you.

Then, go to sacramental confession when you can.

Simple. Don’t complicate it.


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