Does God give signs?

Does God send signs to us about things we are praying about, things that are on our minds?

Can the Devil also send signs trying to pretend that it’s from God?

It just seems that God would not allow that type of deception when we are diligently seeking him.

I need so much clarity on this. I feel like I’ve been getting signs from God. I once read that Man’s coincidences are Gods instances. The signs have been related to scriptures and involving things that I have been longing for and praying for. Please help.


God does give signs, but when HE wants to give them and usually not because WE want them. It’s very easy to start imagining that we are seeing signs that are not real signs just because we want them so much. Even those who have actually seen visions of Our Lady or Our Lord had many times when they wanted information and no sign was given. Most often, we do not receive signs. The Lord wants us to trust Him and take Him at His word as it has come to us through Scripture and Church teachings.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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