Does God have a Sense of Humour?


Please state your reasons why :)


Difficult to say. Some people say that He does, since we do and are made in His image (in a broad sort of sense). But that doesn’t guarantee it, since we also have things like sex and bodies, which He does not. It’s hard to tell sometimes.


God is unchanging. But Jesus, as man, has a sense of humor, since it is a desirable quality.



I’ve heard that the platypus is proof of God’s sense of humor. :slight_smile:


Well, you don’t need to have “sex” to have a good sense of humor


No, I was just using it as an example that sometimes God gives His creations attributes which He does not possess.


Just look at the duck-billed platypus.


I thought the end of Jonah was rather funny…



When I was in Virginia, it never rained on the days I thought it would and I carried an umbrella around for nothing. On the days, I chose to leave my umbrella at home, however, it rained. Coincidence, God? I think not. He has it out for me; and He has a sense of humor.


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I've heard that the platypus is proof of God's sense of humor. :)


I was just about to say that


Karl Rahner thought so:


God undoubtedly has a rich sense of humour.

[BIBLEDRB]Matthew 19:24[/BIBLEDRB]

Why would Jesus say this except to get some laughs and “wake us up”?

Jesus, possessing all human traits except sin, exhibits here His sense of humour and his connection to the human nature of man.


I agree, and gracious, I should hope so.
I can almost see Him now, in Virginia, and saying to Himself, “Oh just for a little fun, I think I’ll mess with this person, tee hee!!! Ah, the things I can do…”


I would say most definately. The number of times things have happened, mostly to help me grow in my relationship with God, it usually has the slap-stick comedy sense to it :slight_smile:


You are blaming God instead of Murphy.


“Be still and know that I am God” is kinda funny.


Here’s a good picture. Jesus laughing. Just think about it… Jesus had to have laughed when on earth, no? So if he laughed, then yes God has a sense of humor.


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Please state your reasons why :)


Proverbs 1.26, "[God] also will laugh at your calamity; [God] will mock when your fear cometh."

Apparently God finds it humorous that puny men rebel against Him and think they can get away with it. Though from our perspective, the thought is enough to make me shake in my boots!


I just saw this picture elsewhere a few weeks ago. I’d want it hanging in my home.
Did He not like parties?!


That’s not Jesus, it’s John Lennon!

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