Can God have emotions: happy, angry, etc? Or do spirits have emotions…are we sad in Purgatory or happy?

Only robots and machines have no emotions.


We are made in His image. We have the same type of emotion, but not the same level.

If you are a IRL father and read the Bible. You can see that God has allot of “fatherlike” emotions pertaining to his children. He disaplines, gets angry, guides, loves and shows mercy much like a earthly father would towards his own children. At least in POV I see it like that.

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Assuming he does, we must make him very, very sad at times.

God is spirit. There is no past or present with God. Everthing and every time is in the presence of God. Man can only grasp the vastness of God in our own words which gives a very limited glimpse of God. Jesus was like us in every way but sin. He had emotions. However, as spirit,I am not sure that there is emotion. I think the only emotion that we can count on, if we make it, is the love of God for us and our love for God.

Deacon Tony SFO

If God has emotions (like anger and sadness) like humans have, then God can likewise suffer. A God who suffers would mean He** can be affected by events in the created world. **It would imply then that He is not immutable.

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