Does God know what it is like to [anything goes here]?

In His omniscience, does God know what it is like for a particular person to eat food, have a certain experience, do various actions, be a dog, etc?

Someone is using a perverse version of this, but still I wonder if the question is true.

Any help would be appreciated (reasoning given please! :heart:)

Yes, he knows.


Hello FrostArcana – I’m John. Your question is of importance because it involves the Incarnation, the truth that God, the Second Person of the Trinity, really did become a real human being, just like you and I, with all our powers and emotions. First, I’m speaking of humans, not animals. God, in His real human nature, did eat and drink, take care of His body by washing, and God experienced all the emotions. In all these ways God (in His human nature) did experience the same things we experience. Disappointment, discouragement, joy, pain, and the sufferings of bodily pain. Key> It was GOD Who Experienced all these human things BECAUSE God really did become a REAL human being and forever.
All creatures, in a mysterious way, exist in God Our Creator. Nothing CAN exist independent of God. We do not know howemphasized text**God experiences these kinds of thing.
You should know, as part of your belief in the Incarnation, that there are TWO natures in Jesus, Divine and human, and that there is ONLY ONE PERSON in Jesus, the Person of the Second Person of the Trinity. Jesus is Real! Talk with Jesus! And pray for me. JohnJFarren

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Of course he does. God knows everything there is to know.


God gives everything its being, or the material or immaterial existence of something. Omniscience means to know this giving of being completely (through and through), as He is the Author of existence itself.


Thank you all for helping! I wanted to make sure I wasn’t blaspheming Him.

Does God know what it is like to be surprised? No. He knows everything about the Superbowl before it happens.

Does God know what it is like to forget? No. He remembers Abe Lincoln perfectly, just like he remembers our childhoods.

Does God know what it is like to get old? No, He exists eternally, outside of time.

Does God know what it is like to be in one place, and not somewhere else?** No, He is omnipresent.

Does God know what it is like to be incapable of doing anything? No, He is omnipotent, all powerful.

He may not have experienced them as we have, but he still knows. :wink:


Does God know what it feels like to feel remorse for sinning? I assume the answer is that He knew what WE felt like when we are remorseful but as He never sinned, how could He really know that feeling? I don’t think Him feeling it vicariously is quite the same?

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And does God know what it feels like to be sexually attracted to someone? As you say, a vicarious intellectual understanding isn’t the same as an actual physical feeling.

So if God has never experienced these most intimate of human weaknesses, how can it be said that He “knows” what these things feel like?

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He even knows things there are not.

Be cause God created us, and he has an intellect that is not the same as us. Our intellect is limited and his is complete. He does not have to experience everything to know everything.

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But this is simply a proclamation…not an explanation. Some things in life…like love…are experiential, meaning that we can only truly know them by experiencing them. Other things are knowable simply through an intellectual understanding of them. The question at hand is, how can God truly know those experiential things, which He has never in fact experienced?

We may be able to give a blind person an intellectual understanding of color, but they’ll never truly know what color is until they’ve experienced it. It would seem to be the same with God. How can He truly know those experiential things which He has never actually experienced?

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You are still looking at this as if God is just “one of us.” He isn’t. He has all knowledge. Knowledge that we do not have and can’t comprehend. I am sorry you feel this way, but it is not a proclamation, it is the truth.

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I can program a computer with “all knowledge”, but that still doesn’t mean that it truly knows what love is until it actually experiences it.

In Christ God experienced what it means to be human. So did Christ experience being sexually attracted to someone?

Guess what? A computer isn’t God!

(Also, I would say no, you can’t program a computer like that.)

Exactly. Knowledge alone isn’t enough to have a true understanding of how it feels to be sexually attracted to someone.

Thankfully, God does not have “knowledge alone” but true understanding of everything that is.

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Says you. That is your opinion.

I am sorry that you or your religion does not believe that God is all knowing. I see no point in discussing this further as we do not share the same beliefs about God apparently.

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