Does God love a Protestant more than you?


Have you ever wondered if God can love a protestant more than he loves a Catholic for say, if they try to follow his commandments more than a Catholic?


God loves all His children according to their spiritual merits. He even loves us little sinner who fall so often and skin our our knees. He leave His door open and unlocked so we can come in during the storms. Peace.


The SDA teach that they are Protestant. Because they keep the Sabbath.

And recognized catholic as corrupt. As they pray to angels and saints as idolatry.

And SDA are the remnant church

Other churches have accepted catholic worship on Sunday and many Catholic teachings. Are the separated brother.
Have become catholic


No, I have never wondered if God loves anyone more than he loves me. He loves every person.
Why would I care who he loves more, if he does in fact, love someone more?


No jane, this is not true. We do not pray as idolatry.


No… :thinking:

There is one God and 7.5 billion souls on this planet.


I’m sure there are many persons, of many faiths, who merit G-d’s love more than I do. Does he love them more? I don’t know and don’t worry about it.



We should want God to love everyone on earth more than he loves us.


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