Does God love me less now that I've committed a mortal sin?

This is really eating at me. I’ve been to confession, so I know that the sin has been forgiven, but I’m worried that it has somehow affected God’s love for me. Would God be more pleased with me if I’d never committed a mortal sin?

No, He does not love you less.

You should talk to your priest about these concerns, not an anonymous message board.


You’re getting inside your own head…you confessed, you were absolved…move on…try your best not to repeat the sin but be realistic that you will fall again…and again…and again…sorry to be so blunt but holding on to these kind of niggling thoughts is unhealthy…trust in God, speak with your priest.

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To your question posed as the title - NO.

Wonderful - thanks be to God!

It has in that He is extremely happy to be reconciled with you. To have you returned to sanctifying grace in you soul.

Think of the prodigal son in the Bible. And that there is more rejoicing in heaven over one repentant sinner than over 99 righteous persons who need no repentance. That Jesus came to heal the sick, for the sinners.

Gods’ patience with sinners - the barren fig tree, and the weeds among the wheat and the lost sheep.

All proof of how much God loves repentant sinners!

That’s like saying would a mother be more pleased with her child if the child didn’t break the vase. Obvious answer is yes. But God - as does the mother - loves us for who we are. What we do or don’t do does not define who we are - loved sons and daughters, heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven, brothers and sisters of Christ.


No, no, no.

As St Augustine says, “God loves each of us as if it were only us.” Do you think God would leave His beloved because he made a mistake? The entire point of the Cross was that we screwed up… big time, and God pursued us nonetheless.
God loves you my friend.
Jesus I trust in you.

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Also… one who has never made a mistake is not capable of knowing the mercy and love of God.

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Sr. Josefa Menendez (1890-1923) -Jesus’ Message to the World of His Mercy for All

“I would like these [those living with sin] to understand that it is not the fact of being in sin that ought to keep them from Me. They must never think that there is no remedy for them, nor that they have forfeited for ever the love that once was theirs… No, poor souls, the God who has shed all His Blood for you has no such feelings for you!”

“It is My intention also, to show souls that I never refuse grace, even to those who are guilty of grave sin; nor do I separate them from the good souls whom I love with predilection. I keep them all in My Heart, that all may receive the help needed for their state of soul.” -Jesus to Sr. Josefa Menendez

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Certainly not. G-d understands we are all human, and our sins, if sincerely atoned for and confessed, are not only forgiven but actually erased. That is the purpose of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession). Even the Saints committed mortal sins.

Sinning does not make God love you any less!

A common trick the devil employs is trying to fill our hearts with despair, making us feel like we are unworthy of God’s love or mercy. This is a total falsity! Otherwise we wouldn’t have Jesus Christ!

Rest assured He loves you very much, and when you go to confession your sins are forgiven and you are in full communion with Christ once more by being in a state of grace!

Don’t be so hard on yourself! Yes, it’s important we have a healthy mortification of our sins, but we should never allow it to go so far as to make us feel unworthy of mercy, or like we’re so terrible God will turn forsake us. No, those feelings are the devil talking!

Seek out healing through confession often! Remember, frequent confession is essential for healthy and good Catholic living!

I am blessed to be at a parish that offers confession everyday! So I go to confession at least once a week, sometimes multiple times a week if I am aware of committing a mortal sin. But it never hurts to confess venial sins also!

No, God does not love you “less”.
However, like any broken relationship, you’ll want to make the necessary steps to fix it :slightly_smiling_face:

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