Does God plan who will be born, what disabilities a person has, etc..?


Does God plan who will be born, what disabilities a person has, etc…?

You often here “God has a plan for you.” This doesn’t really make since if, say, two unmarried people had a child. It was their immoral choice, resulting with a child, so this can’t mean God planned it. In other words, God doesn’t plan who is born, correct? Nor does he “plan” what gifts/talents we will be born with? Or even the disabilities we will be born with?

I’m really confused.:whacky:

God’s providence watches over and guides everything: “No creature is invisible before Him: all are bare and uncovered to His eyes” (Hebrews 4:13). His wisdom “extends from end to end mightily and governs all well” (Wisdom 8:1).

God guides us, but is it correct to thank God for our existence and talents to an extreme?

Focus: Does God plan who will be born, what disabilities a person has, etc…? …And even when someone will die?


God said, “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you”. HE forms us in the womb. No one is formed without Him.

God is the Giver of Life…we take part in His creation; but we are NOT the “creators”…there is ONLY ONE CREATOR.

We can not fathom why God gives a child to those involved in heinously sinful acts (rape, fornication, adultery, etc…)…but we must remember that the act of the people is the SIN…NOT the LIFE that God has Created. He gives the gift of a baby despite our sinfulness…perhaps to Call us OUT of our sin…to amend our lives, and draw nearer to Him…just as there are many other acts of God we , in our finite state, can never understand or fathom…we do not know why He gives EACH baby…only that He does.

As far as disabilities…all illness, faults, disabilities, etc…entered the world because of SIN…remember that in the first Paradise there were NONE of these things until the Fall.

All of our abilities, strengths, and good attributes are GIFTS from God…the handicaps are due to sin that entered the world…thankfully, through the merits of Jesus…we can take those crosses, and unite them to HIS suffering; thereby making them a beautiful offering…and asking for His Grace to endure them.


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