Does God please the Devil?


If I’m ignorant, tell me.

Doesn’t the Devil get a “kick” or almost some type of joy or happiness out of receiving souls of sinners? Simply put, why doesn’t God just do away with the Devil? Wouldn’t he have such power if he is God, of course?

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The devil does enjoy killing the souls of man.

Don’t forget that God has also given man free will, the choice to do what is right or wrong. The choice to accept God’s love or reject it.

He makes it available always but the acceptance is up to us.

In the end God will sort out the good from the wicked.

Please read the parable of the wheat and the weeds in Matthew, it touches upon the main topic of your post about doing away with evil now.


Simply put, because if there was no evil, there would be no good.

If man, or the angels, did not have free will, no action could be called good. We would be no different from animals, and God didn’t want more animals, He wanted beings in his own image.

God Bless


God does indeed have the power to annihilate the devil if He should ever so choose. But…
There is an underlying assumption to your question, and that is that God is punishing satan. Satan, along with (traditionally) a third of the angels rebelled against God because they loved themselves more than they loved God. Thus, they are in hell because of their own desire to be separate from God.
So, satan may derive a type of twisted pleasure from souls entering hell, but that, to God, is a null point.




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