Does God really answer prayers?


Now you introduce “free will”, another undefined concept. What is “free will”? But don’t worry. It can be done with proper upbringing. If someone is brought up from infancy in an environment which consistently emphasized good, loving, benevolent, selfless behavior, that person will have the proper disposition. I am sure you have the freedom to go on a killing rampage, but you lack the “desire” to act it out.

Don’t be so condescending. The point was that it is impossible to tell if an emotion is “real” or “acted”. The starting point was that agape can be programmed, and that does not add or subtract one iota of “value”. By the way… we are ALL programmed by our parents, neighbors, friends, and everyone else we come to contact with. At birth we were “tabula rasa”, and from that moment on we are “programmed”. Of course there is the ever-present dilemma of “nature” and “nurture”. I read a very smart observation. It said that you cannot create a race-horse from a pig, but you can create a very fast pig. And that is sufficient.

Nope. I am not interested in doing the “digging” for you.

Yes I read it. Problem number one: “There is no such thing as a universal human nature”. Problem number two: "there is no such thing as “natural moral law”. Problem number three: “It says that ‘being’ are ‘goodness’ are convertible.” No need to go any further. The whole article is based on nonsense.


This is what I call a vague answer. You did not answer my question. You presented an infinite set of circumstances that has to have a beginning. The only way this infant could be brought up in this environment is if the first parents were told to do so and showed how to do it. There always has to be a first cause.

I think we should just call it quits here. You are set in an infinite loop of thought and can’t realize you haven’t thought it through to were this all began. You start at the end and say this is how it could be done, but you don’t think about how the tools you want to use exist in the first place.

I hope someday you find what you are looking for.

God Bless


Unlikely, but not impossible. I am looking for an intellectually honest catholic conversation partner. Your first few posts were rather promising.


Thank you I will take that as a compliment.


It was a compliment.


God answers all prayers. It is just that some times the answer is “no,” or “later,” or “maybe”.

If your teenager asks to use the car and you say “no” does it mean you did not answer his/her request? God will not give us what we want if it will hurt us spiritually or interfere with our salvation.


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