Does God really speak to us in prayer?

Since I started praying, from time to time I get this realizations or revelations. In the beginnings they were simple ones for example “just surrender yourself to the Holy Spirit” or “rejoice, rejoice, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” or “Jesus is always present among us”. We have all read this many times in different places, but at those moment when it was “said” to me I suddenly realized with the heart, with soul the meaning. Like somebody describes a music: “there is drum and over the drum is bass and then the guitar gently sweepes…” you say: “I see I see, it does sounds like very good music, true, true”, but not until you really hear it in live that you stay speachless and it really moves you deep inside. You know what I am talking about, right?

Those “revelations” are getting deeper and more complex.

I am timid speaking about this in live and if in future I speak to priest too. That’s why I ask here.

Does God speak to us in that way or is it just me because I think about those stuff all the time and then in moment of prayer, in meditative state It suddenly comes to me?

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Yes, the Lord does speak to us in prayer. It is always wise to seek a priest who can guide us in our prayer life.

Most definitely. The small intuitions, hunches, and sudden inspirations are all answers to prayer. Or as I like to think of it, responses in a conversation.

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Of course God talks to us in prayer, but make sure it is God and not you telling yourself that it is him.

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Do you get the same?

How will i know that?

God knows exactly what you need to hear and how you need to hear it.

Having said that, test the spirits! All which lead to humble submission and unity are from the Holy Spirit. All which appeal to the ego, or lead you to question established truth are from a spirit of this world.

ok thank you, in that case i would say they are from Holy Spirit, thank you

may I suggest talking about this with a Priest? and if you believe they are from God you can get a journal and write down what He possibly said to you and date it.
Something nice to keep and look back on.

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Thank you, I did start writing recently.
I am timid to speak about because i dont want to come out as “special” or pretentious, but yes I did ask a Priest to have a chat to get some directions. He said yes to send him email, I did and he still didn’t respond. If you remember pray for me so he responds or i get directions some other way! :pray:

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I am confused.
Why would God send thoughts that disrupt you in any way from the prayer that you read, prayer approved by Him through His Church? So He told us to pray and then when we pray He would send other messages in order to what - make it harder for us to concentrate?
Wouldn’t He rather wait until you finish praying and then send inspirations you need?
Or complete your time off praying with small revelations to confirm your faith and make it continuous in your life?

Are you asking me or po18guy?

po18guy. :smiley:

But I am interested in anyone’s thoughts on this.

If a person is feeling discouraged during prayer- Why not? God could speak to His child by interrupting them with an encouraging word.

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That is how we think: it is impolite to interrupt, right? But, divine communications speak to the heart, speak to the soul - only rarely are they audible. And at all times, what He offers us is infinitely more important for us to receive than for our prayers to reach Him. I recall here that prayer changes us, since God is immutable.

Such “interruptions” in prayer can indicate a change in one’s faith life, physically, spiritually or both. Example: years ago I was praying before the Blessed Sacrament. “Out of the blue” I was moved to ask for the suffering that a fellow parishioner was bearing after back surgery. This was perplexing, if not confusing, since I had already suffered after two back surgeries.

Yet, I asked and received and the other man’s pain was alleviated, while what I bore was only a shadow of the pain either of us had felt - God’s mercy revealed to us!

God, being the Alpha and Omega, has the first word, the last word and each and every word in between that we will listen to. It is a great blessing for God to break into our prayers with a divine communication.


I will share mine then. I believe God does what is best for us, in a mysterious ways.
Sometimes outside of prayer, sometimes during prayer, sometimes after prayer.

Personally, I was never distracted by “thoughts” which I wouldnt describe as thoughts.
Au contraire, it made me go even more deep into prayer.

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thank you for sharing


You are very kind. There is much more, butr that is for another time, another thread.


I am glad because i had similar experience, Lord really does speak to us…
But i just have this “thorn” in my mind always makes me skeptic just a tiny bit. I wish I can implore that critical thinking for the Glory of God. I hope some day

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