Does God send us signs?


Hello I’m not 100% sure where to post this, so sorry if its in the wrong forum, however any advice would be useful!

I believe God does send us signs, and believe coincidences are His way of remaining annoymous.

A couple of months ago I had my heart broken. It still hurts, and infact the pain grows every day. He changed his mind so suddenly and out of the blue and I was so confused as to why because we were so perfect together, however he has depression and I’m aware it can change your thoughts and/or make you do things you wouldn’t normally do and make you push away those who are closest to you etc.
I have had a real tough day yesterday and prayed to God and Mary and my Nana who is (hopefully!) in heaven. I asked for some kind of sign or something for me to know things would be alright.

Several hours later I was on fb chat and my old psychology lecturer was online (she was a student lecturer when she taught me and we were a “mature students” class so we all became friends) anyways we hadn’t spoke for at least 2 years and I really felt like she’d be able to help either by giving me some understanding on depression etc or something. she asked me how I was doing etc and I explained about our break up.
She told me she went through something almost identical as my ex, breaking up with her partner due to being depressed and stressed out etc she one day snapped saying she wasnt in love any more even though she was she was just confused and trying to protect her partner etc. She said it took her 5 months to sort things out but they are now engaged!
She is the second person who I hadn’t spoke to for a while and randomly spoke to again who has went through something similar and ended up engaged.
Do you think this could be the sign? I do!
Today is the first morning that I have woke up and not cried. It is still really hard but I am trying my best to stay positive and am trusting in God for giving me this sign.
Any thoughts/advice would be welcome.


It’s good you recognized it for what it was. Too often he sends us signs and we just blow them off, not realizing how much he cares about how we feel inside, especially when we are hurting.

I’ve noticed him showing many, many of these signs in my life, and I do give credit to Mary’s influence and action within mine as well. The thing is though,. even though we get these graces, we shouldn’t expect them to happen, sometimes it’s about us searching within ourselves, to get to the truth as to how we think and feel and it has to be on our own, through our own free will to seek the truth as to what we “really” desire and leave it all in full up to him to help us along our way. Often we desire something that is not good for us, we don’t understand why achieving it being so elusive is a good thing for us because we cannot see the likely outcome, so we must trust in our Lords judgements on these matters, just as a child follows their parents guidance, we should do in kind.

I pray for your continued healing, may God keep you in his embrace and may his peace extend to your being.


Yes, I think God sometimes sends us signs. BUT sometimes we ignore or overlook what He is really trying to tell us. We get get too caught up in what we want to happen that we may ignore what He is really trying to tell us.

In other words He may be saying “No, that is not good for you”.

There are so many times, when I was looking for a sign but it was really God saying that now was NOT the right time, and He had other plans for my life. Things have usually turned out for the best, but at the time, misinterpretting God’s signal can be quite stressful and sometimes dangerous.

Good luck and God bless.


There is a good book on depression written by a priest who suffered, and was also a mental health counselor. It helped me better understand what was happening and removed some myths about depression and faith. It might be helpful to you. Name is Emerging From Depression by William Rabior, published by Ligori in 1994 and 2005.


Thanks for your replies.

I know no one can say 100% either way either yes or no its a sign from God and if it is yes or no it means we’ll get back together.
However having said that I honestly think its too coincidental that I prayed earlier that day (Well in honesty I’ve been praying for a sign since it happend but that day in particular I prayed harder than before) for a sign and that I hadn’t spoke to this person for about 2 years and infact can’t even remember the last time we were both online together at the same time. I just had a feeling when I saw she was online that she’d be able to help me and was unsure why but it was a strong and positive feeling.
If we argued while we were together, or there was someone else involved with the break up then I would understand that it is likely to be a message from God that we are not well suited. But we rarely if ever argued, there was no one else involved, we were 100% best friends and 100% comfortable with each other and know each other better than anyone else. We made each other so so happy and the way he changed his mind about us so quickly and out of the blue while he was very depressed and the way he has been acting since (with regard to drinking more and bottling his feelings up, hardly talking to me even tho he insists he wants us to remain friends then when he does talk he accuses me of acting weird) etc etc all make me think that we can get back together one day, and I know it will take time but I am so much in love with him I am prepared to wait.

Thank you for listening


I wish God would tell me yes or no thats a sign. I know He won’t so I have to have faith and trust my instincts. They say yes it is a sign that everything will be ok.


Wow I am amazed, i was just searching what do signs from god mean, because i been getting a lot lately. I am in the exact situation as you. My girl left me because she was depressed and confused, its been 3 months. 2 months no talking. We wore perfect and never really argued in the end. we understood each other. Like seriously this situation could not be more identical. What ever happened I know it has been a while.


I have received many signs over the years. Some were genuine signs from God and others I’m not so sure. I learned that evil spirits can produce signs too. They can manipulate the environment to some extent and I wound up in a desperate situation. The only sure way to know God’s will is to seek a spiritual director, seek his counsel, and be obedient to him.

I would pray to your guardian angel to protect you from receiving any signs from evil spirits.


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