Does God still speak to you when you are in mortal sin?


I have read that mortal sin causes a person to lose the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Does that mean that God no longer guides your intimate decisions–like what job to take or similar life decisions–until you are again in a state of grace?


He can still provide you with the grace to seek repentance (contrition). But in a state of mortal sin, your spirit is sort of dead. Nothing you do is of merit.

I was away from the Church for several years. I can attest that it’s not the same. It wasn’t until I went to a general confession that I could literally feel the release and my spirit coming alive again. Since then, I go to confession frequently and it has helped me to advance in spiritual practice far more than I ever did leading up to that return.

We cannot by ourselves merit a single thing. It always comes from God. If you think you are progressing spiritually by your own strength, then watch out. It only comes from God. Thus, if your relationship with God is completely severed, then you are spiritually stuck.

He might still communicate with you in various ways, but you might not like those ways either.


Did Jesus talk to sinners?..:slight_smile:


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Did Jesus talk to sinners?...:)




well considering he didn't completely abandon aadam and eve after the fall, i would say so. i think god speaks to everyone; just a lot of people don't realize it or don't respond. it is definitelly crucial that you return to a state of grace but he doesn't just leave you alone if you are not. i think he surreptiously tries to guide people back


Like I said.. he can and does communicate with people in mortal sin, but they probably won't like his methods. God doesn't mind beating you up a bit with chastisements of various kinds. In a way, I guess that would be a good sign since I am unsure if he would do this to people who are essentially hopeless. It means there is a chance the person can turn around.

What scares me are chastisements against nations, civilizations, and even all of humanity.


I think it is more a matter of the sinner not listening to God because he is in a state of mortal sin. We are the ones who turn away from God. He doesn’t abandon us.


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