Does God suffer from Loneliness?

A sincere, genuine, philosophical musing:

Did God create us because He was lonely for companionship?

(I am still learning-bear with me if you will).

Must even God himself personally suffer-particularly from lonliness?

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God didn’t create us because he was lonely. That would imply deficiency in God. God needs no one and nothing.

God created us because he is goodness itself, and goodness desires to give of itself to others. And so he gave being to us out of love, which is to will the good of another.



God isn’t lonely. That would imply a lack of something. It was his gratuitous goodness that made us.


Doesnt God need/command us to love Him with our whole heart

What drives this need? Is it not lonliness?

Honest query

God doesn’t need us to love him. Where do you get that idea?


I was philosophizing over the abstract concept of whether or not God made Eve because He knew it was not good for Adam to be alone.

Did God know already how painful it is to be alone?

Honest query as per my first post

We need to love God with our whole heart.

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He gave the command for us to Love HIm, doesnt that connotate need?

Honest query

Father can answer better. I’ll just say it’s our need to love him not his need for our love.


Not at all. If the doctor orders you to take a medication, it’s not because he needs you to. If you don’t get the prescription filled, the doctor is not affected. You are commanded to take the medicine because you need it.


Doesnt He command us to love HIm, because He knows what ails us personally?

His personal understanding of suffering leads to knowing whats best for us, doesnt it?

How can He know lonliness unless He has experienced that?

For Adams own good, He created Eve, yes?

Not even necessarily that. It’s just for our good that we love God.

So what are you struggling with that is causing you to have this perception of God? You’re talking a lot about pain and need. What is causing you pain?


“It is not good for man to be alone, I will make a suitable helper for him”-why did God know that being alone is not good? Was God alone, and it was not good?


Experience denotes learning about something, which means one has to gather knowledge over time.

God does not need to learn anything because He is outside time. He knows everything without needing to learn it and thus knows what loneliness is, which is to be without Him.

Loneliness is just the absence of Him.


What? Where did you get that from?

… What?

No, Catholicism does not teach that God created us because He was lonely.

In fact, He was already a Trinity of persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), in an eternal communion of love.

He created us as a gift to us. Not to Himself.


Because God is all knowing. You don’t have to have direct experience of something to know it, do you?


Why did Adam need anyone, he could just be like his creator, and be without any lonliness?

Everybody needs someone, even God Himself. That is why He is Three Persons in One God. He never has nor ever will be lonely.


No, God was never alone. God was always a Trinity of persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

He made man in His image, which means a trinitarian image. Which is why when only the man was so far created, God said it was not good for man to be alone: because man was not yet fully in the image of the trinitarian God. Then God made the first man a wife, so the trinitarian image could be complete (because a man and his wife come together, and through the love of their bodies create a third person: a child. This family unit of mankind is the image of the Trinitarian God – who was never lonely).

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