Does God talk to you? And how?

Does God talk to you? If so, how?

Do you hear His voice? Or some other way?

I do believe the Holy Spirit brings my sins to me “in my face” so I can not deny them. He puts sins from long ago that I never would have thought of to me now so that I can be free of them. Also when I want to be my meanest nasty hateful self He kind of “shakes me spiritually” to not do what I want to do or say but what I need to do or say. It’s not a loud voice but a PLAIN CLEAR realization of something.


It’s like a cloudy window has been wiped clean and I can focus and see clearly.

I’ve also have felt the absolute arms of my Lord around me. When I have been at my lowest and truly wanting to chuck it all in I’ve felt Him just hold me and let me know it’s ok all of this will pass.

If ever you’ve been a hot weepy mess just bawling and mumbling and not even knowing what you’re doing and then somebody comes up and you just fall against them and let it ALL loose. That’s what God does for me.


God speaks in silence.


In whispers when the mind is silent and the body and mind are stilled.


When I watch small children playing in that way toddlers and kids up to about 7 or 8 play; hear their laughter, listen to them when they explain the way they see the world, express the sheer joy of being alive as they wonder and discover the world around them, something happens inside. It’s that statement of Jesus, “unless you shall become as one of these little children you shall not see God, for such as these little ones is the kingdom of heaven made.” Listen to a child explain God and how God made the world, see the pure joy in a child’s face on Christmas morning, listen to a little one explain how Santa Claus does what he does, why because his/her daddy told them about Santa, and they believe. Simple, pure, belief, what I need to live in God’s world. Is it God speaking to me??? I think so.


Romans 8 - 26
The Holy Spirit within us, helps us, with groans, interceding on our behalf
I can just imagine some of the groans God heard today from me.
I was in a empty church parking lot - praying for something -
These 3 black crows started cawing on the church roof at me - kinda cool !

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Yes, God does speak tp me; not audibly, but through the scriptures, a homily at mass, directly from others; and of course through “private revelation”

I had to smile when I saw your question because I had just been pondering how God talks to people differently. He seems to be quite verbose with some of our saints.

I have heard what I know to be God’s “voice” a few times. Each time I have heard a firm totally assured male voice utter a word, phrase or sentence. It has always been short, direct, authoritative, and kind. Every statement had been accompanied with a broader understanding of God’s will for me, a sense of purpose and serene joy. I can remember every word exactly as well as it’s immediate effect on me.

God does not speak to me often and I have no expectation of hearing that voice again. Most of the time we have to discern how God is talking to us through our fellow creatures.


Yes, I think God speaks to me. (Usually with a divine slap to the back of the head, in a way.)

I’ve told this story before, but I’ll share it again. This is one time that will never leave my memory.

I worked oncology for seven years and spent almost five in bone marrow transplant. One weekend, I got a somewhat questionable hair cut. Being military I have to wear my hair up every day, and I had asked the woman to not layer it too much because it makes it hard to pull into a bun.

Well, she layered it. And I had about 15 bobby pins in my hair holding it all up. (Usually I use two, maybe three. 15 was literally no exaggeration - I had loose ends all over the place.) I was miffed about it - until I got to work and all three of my female patients had no hair. None. Not even eyebrows or eyelashes.

So yes, God definitely speaks to me.


God speaks to every person, it is just that most do not listen closely enough. God’s voice becomes background noise to most and His workings oftentimes are brushed off as coincidence or the natural order of the world.

Silence is the most useful tool to begin to hear God’s voice. Not just physical silence, but interior silence as well. He speaks to our souls. If our souls are cluttered with personal desires or selfish wants, then how can we hear His whisper?

This is, in essence, what contemplation is - the act of listening.


Amen, sister!


God speaks in the way that is best at that moment.


I asked the question because i am sure a voice, in my head yesterday said something like “Believe in Me, I will help you” or something of that nature. It was very profound. I wish i could remember the exact words.

I believe in God 100% but have gone through, and going through, some very tough times lately.

I instantly believed it was God talking to me!


It does sound like God speaking to you.
I have heard his voice also, as Deditus_Domina reports – in my case, an interior voice that was certainly not my own thought. Once, after I committed my life to him and asked what I should do next, I heard “Read the Bible.” That was when I became a Christian.
It could have been an angel, I suppose.


I have heard God speak to me while praying and sometimes after I receive Holy Communion, one time in particular I’ll never forget was while I was praying after Communion and I heard the words “follow me” or “come to me”. In times when I pray and I know I am an awful worrier I have heard the words “why do you doubt me”.

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One crucial thing, that I have found - that’s powerful - silence.

You have to really silence yourself - all aspects of yourself

and be in a silent place - like a church - at a certain time.

Nothing - in your thoughts - a sweet stillness - a complete silence.

Then admit - your willing to follow His leading - that day !

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I don’t know if he does. I don’t know if it’s just my thoughts or it’s coming from somewhere else.

Lots of ways. Often by just putting something in my path for me to see or a thought in my head that I needed to think.

I don’t get a big booming God voice from the clouds, or a bush bursting into flames, but I don’t need that.


Hey Bear ! :innocent: I see a cake by your name ?

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