Does God want us to be saved more than we do?

Theologically speaking, does God want me to be saved more than I do? (no matter how much I want to be saved)

Jesus certainly does!

(Sorry, I normally comment on the divine nature in itself, and in such considerations I don’t know if a direct comparison is really apt. But this seemed like the right circumstances to appeal to Jesus’ human heart and his divinity.)


Given that we operate by faith rather than what we actually see at any given time, then that’s probably a fair statement.

To test that, All one has to do is look around and see what people actually DO and how they live.

Then if God wants us to be saved (wants us all to go to Heaven) why do we have to do all the work get there? If God wants us in Heaven shouldn’t He be doing a better job of getting us there?


Look at the crucifix and ask yourself that question again.

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Yes. (here are the ten more characters)

Yes. The Catechism of Trent, when speaking of why God might not grant what we pray for, says that He only grants what is conducive to our salvation and notes:

For God will either grant what is asked, and thus they will obtain their wishes; or He will not grant it, and that will be a most certain proof that what is denied the good by Him is not conducive either to their interest or their salvation, since He is more desirous of their eternal welfare than they themselves.

Have you ever met a spoiled child, whose parent does everything for him? Is he pleasant to be around?


You mean something better than leaving the perfect bliss and happiness of Heaven to take on human flesh? Becoming a mere mortal man, capable of experiencing all of the typical every day suffering that goes along with living a normal life on earth, for 33 years? Then, being accused of crimes that He never committed, and being brutally beaten, humiliated, mocked and nailed to a bloody cross to die for people that think He didn’t really do enough for us, already?


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