Does Godtube Censor Catholic Videos?

I’m not too familiar with Godtube, but I was looking for the video “Catholics Come Home - Epic” on Google Video. Google Video shows that the video has been uploaded by 5 different people to Godtube, but when I click on Godtube itself, it says, “Sorry, this video hasn’t yet been approved by our admin.” One video was uploaded May 19, 2008. Doesn’t that seem like a long time to wait for approval?

Here is the Google Video link showing the video has been uploaded by 5 different people to Godtube:

Here are two Godtube links showing that none of the uploads have been approved:

I see that there are some Catholic videos on Godtube, but they all seem to be inundated with Protestant comments against the Church. Am I wrong? Does anyone have more experience with this site and do you find that they are Catholic-friendly?

Here is one example of the exchanges going on there:

I can’t answer as to their Catholic friendliness. But I just clicked on the link you provided and the video played with no problem.

Yes, it plays on Google video. It does not play on Godtube, though. If you click on the title of the video underneath it, to go to Godtube to watch it there, you get this message:

When I search for the video on Godtube, it tells me this:

I discovered God Tube last November and actually opened an account and uploaded a video of me playing the guitar and singing a worship song that I’d written. However, after about two days or so I decided to close my account there. It was not due to any anti-Catholicism that I had seen there, but due to some of the really strange doctrines being promulgated in many of the videos there. God Tube is really a theological free for all–I would not want someone to go to GodTube to watch my videos and then get ensnared by some of the weird teaching that’s behind some of the videos you can find there.

I do believe that God Tube is antiCatholic, but there is wheat among the weeds if you don’t mind searching. I would not recommend God Tube to anyone who is not strong in their Catholic faith. Some of the stuff there is very disturbing.

The video could’ve been a copyright issue.

We have a winner.

Last year I launched a Catholic alternative to YouTube and GodTube called The problem with both YouTube and GodTube is that videos with anti-Catholic messages, soft porn, crude and trashing behavior can be, and often are listed as Catholic content. For an detailed explanation on how and why this happens, please see my blog post Wolves in sheep’s clothing

So it was out of a desire to build a useful safe environment for people to view Catholic content that I develop Also, God has given me a terrific life. By the grace of God, I wanted to give something back. I am excited about the mission and look forward to many good things as grows and evolves as a tool for evangelization.

It is hard for a fledgling non-profit venture like to compete against for-profit gorillas like YouTube and GodTube. Time will tell whether we can win over Catholics as the go-to-site for Catholic video. I pray that we can be a useful resource for Catholics. I humbly ask for your prayers as well.

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