Does He Know Where Bin Laden Is?

"…If anyone knows bin Laden’s whereabouts, it would be Gen. Gul. An internal CIA assessment describes Gen. Gul as Pakistan’s “most dangerous man.” The general doesn’t hide his admiration for bin Laden and is a personal friend of Mullah Omar. Bin Laden and Gen. Gul share a geopolitical vision that merges Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and the oil riches of a post-monarchy Saudi Arabia in a revived Muslim caliphate.

Earlier this year, Gen. Gul told a closed meeting of MMA leaders at a wake for the wife of the coalition’s vice president Sami ul-Haq, they should begin planning Mr. Musharraf’s succession. Gen. Gul’s candidate: Abdel Qader Khan, father of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and, opinion surveys say, the country’s most popular man since Ali Jinnah, founder of the republic.

“Musharraf and the new Prime Minister Aziz are just the informers and not the real leaders of Pakistan as they were not elected by the people,” Gen. Gul said in a recent interview that called for “elected and brave only” leaders. Mr. Musharraf has survived eight assassination plots.

Gen. Gul’s candidate is the same Mr. Khan who confessed to running the world’s first international black market for nuclear materials and bomb-making wherewithal. His clients were Iran, North Korea — two of the three members of President Bush’s axis of evil (the third was Iraq) — and Libya (now on probation in reform school).

Mr. Khan first began catering to the Iranian ayatollahs’ nuclear yearnings in February 1986. At that time, the secret program was split up and compartmentalized into raw materials, uranium enrichment, plutonium reprocessing, technology procurement and weapons design. …"

"After burrowing their way into the club courtesy of Pakistan’s nuclear Daddy Warbucks, Iran and North Korea are now the world’s ninth and 10th nuclear powers. The fiercely anti-American Mr. Khan also sent two nuclear engineers to Afghanistan before September 11, 2001, to confer with Mullah Omar (on an agricultural project, Pakistan lamely explained when the news leaked). Gen. Gul was also in Afghanistan for two weeks immediately prior to September 11.

Mr. Musharraf granted A.Q. Khan a full pardon. He was allowed to keep his lucre stashed in foreign banks. Mr. Musharraf realized bringing such a national icon to trial would have triggered nationwide riots.

From: Arnaud de Brochgrave

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