"Does Healing Exist in the Catholic Church Today?" Article gives one Catholic man's story

“Soon word spread about Bob’s prayers and how they would heal emotional, physical and even mental conditions.”

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Most certainly prayer works miracles. All it takes is great faith and trust in God.

I have been anointed so many times that I have lost count. One rare and aggressive T-Cell non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma three times. A similar rare and aggressive T-Cell non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma once. A bone marrow cancer (20q deletion Myelodysplastic syndrome) MDS - precursor to leukemia. All three simultaneously. Prognosis no longer applied.

Seven prayer threads filled here at the old CAF and several Sacraments of Anointing. 30% chance of succumbing to stem cell transplant. Anointed again. Today, no sign of cancer - 11 years later.

Prayer effective? Yes! The Sacrament effective? Yes! Abandonment to God’s will effective? You know the answer.

Praised be Jesus Christ!


Healing comes in many forms… Not just in body.

Example being :

Who is in need of healing in this situation below.

A healthy man who spiritual finds life difficult.
A mentally disabled man who cannot think or care for himself.

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Do you mind if I share this with a poster who has cancer?

Sure! Here’s more of the story. But, it reads like War and Peace and is almost as long.

You are living proof of the reality of healing miracles. Thanks for sharing your testimony. God bless.

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I have been on the other side of this sort of healing story… I have been one of those who lay on hands and pray for the healing of others, while remaining unhealed myself. I can’t tell you how many times peoples’ hearts, minds, & psyches have received healing through prayer to The Divine Physician, just on my watch. It’s mind-blowing.

The Fire of His Love will heal the world :fire::earth_americas: one person at a time. Hallelujah and praised be Jesus Christ!

Thanks, Dan! I repeat myself, but beating the drum of hope has become part of the purpose of my life. Facing death several times, finally learning to abandon all claims on my life to God was my lesson. Trusting in Him was all that He wanted, and when I finally did, He handed my life back to me.


Great is your reward!

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My mum went into a coma and was rushed to hospital, her breathing was a horrible gurgling sound, nicknamed the death rattle. The doctors said she had days to live and there was nothing they could do for her. We called a priest, although none of us had a faith at the time, we just thought it was what you should do as mum was bought up a Catholic.
As the priest prayed my mum’s gasping for air seemed to change, she seemed to relax and started to breathe more normally. About ten minutes after the priest walked out the door, mum came round and started to speak, she had no recollection of anything that happened in hospital, or that the priest had prayed for her. We thought it might have just been a temporary reprieve, but she lived another eleven years.

Some years later in 2011; I had tests done for cancer, about a month later the doctor phoned and said he urgently wanted to see me, it was non – Hodgkin Lymphoma. This was a name I recognised, our friend had this cancer, and died a few months later. I prayed for the wisdom, strength and peace to do God’s will, whether the cancer was a death sentence, or just an inconvenience. I can only say that from the moment of making this prayer, I have experienced a profound sense of peace, and the thought of cancer has never troubled me for a moment.
Cancer could be a truly worrying process, you wait a month or two for tests, you wait for the results, and you wait for more tests. I have never once prayed for healing, at the age of 62, the prayer for healing seemed too complicated, it might or might not be my time to go. Recognising this profound sense of peace comes from God, gives me reason to be thankful.

When God heals, you are left with the sense that you have to give something back. I have also gone through a number of other life and death encounters.


Wonderful testimony! Eternal rest grant to his mother, O Lord! Our lives have been spared for eternal purpose. Blessed are those who have come to realize that purpose!

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