Does Israel suppress Christianity ?


The most recent program of “The World Over” on the EWTN network featured a Franciscan priest Father Peter Vasko, who is the touring officer for Christian sites within Israel.

Some points were brought forth as to the cold attitude the Israeli government takes to Christian churches there.

Jewish synagogues are tax-exempt and, for the time, so too are Christian churches.

However, for years Israel officials are constantly stiving to abolish the tax-exempt status of the churches (but NOT the synagogues). This displays a disdain for the christian element there.

Other points not mentioned by Father Vasko but observed by christian laypeople:

Laws such as: No building of new Christian churches are allowed. Only the existing churches that are primarily pilgrimmage sites remain.

Proselytizing a Jew to Christianity is a major offense and prosecuted strenuously.

It gives the appearance of hostility towards christianity. And seems like the Israelis grudgingly “tolerate” a christian presence in Israel and particularly in Jerusalem.

The recent attempt to debunk Our Lord’s Glorious Resurrection by the team of Cameron (filmmaker) and Shimca Jacobovici was backed by Israel.

All this doesn’t pass the “smell test”. At least not to yours truly.

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