Does it count


:shrug: If I were to marry an Macedonia Orthodox woman, and go to her church even if she does not understand it because it is said in a Old ancient Slovak language, does it count as going to church. I am Catholic, my priest spoke to me on the marriage issue, he puts it like “My big fat Greek wedding”. But if you don’t understand it does it count.:shrug:


As a Catholic, you must attend a Catholic Church to fulfill your Sunday obligation-- unless there are some very specific circumstances, such as no Catholic Church being available.

It has nothing to do with what language the Mass is said in, but with whether or not it is a Catholic Mass.

Separately is the issue of marrying a non-Catholic. It is possible, but not advisable, to do so. You must receive instruction from a Catholic priest and complete paperwork to get a dispensation to marry in her church.

This does not change your obligation to attend the Catholic Church for your Sunday worship, nor your obligation to raise your children as Catholic.

It is unwise to marry a non-Catholic.

I don’t really understand this comment.

Yes, going to Mass in a foreign language does fulfill your obligation. BUT, you are not asking about attending a Catholic Church in a foreign language. You are asking about attending a non-Catholic church.

You should only do so under the most serious circumstances, and certainly not as an every-Sunday activity.


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