Does it do more harm than good to only go to a TLM parish?

This is what I am saying:

Once I began coming back to the Church, I went to my local parish. It is your typical NO parish including but not limited to percussion instruments, guitars, piano, clapping, hand-holding, and dancing. I didn’t know any better back then.

Then I started getting closer to tradition, and became an avid Latin Mass supporter. There is only one Latin Mass in the diocese, which is pretty much secluded from society (I honestly think the bishop did this on purpose the smart man haha). So there is no way it could have any influence whatsoever.

Now, considering the idea that many of us would like to get the Latin Mass more available and Masses to be more reverent, doesn’t it do harm to only go to the one secluded Latin Mass parish within 80 miles? Isn’t it better to try and change things in our local parishes?

I know that for many it isn’t this easy. I am very blessed to have a pastor at my local parish (though not necessarily a congregation) which is very open to the idea. But even if it isn’t the case, setting up a group of 4-5 people is all it takes. Once this is done, even the priest can’t stop you. If they refuse, you may go to the bishop who will usually handle the problem. If the bishop doesn’t help, you are allowed to go to Ecclesia Dei, and so forth. So all I’m saying, is that it is not impossible.

If people want Latin Masses and reverence, doesn’t it take more action at the parish level, rather than simply going to the one available every Sunday and then coming to CAF to complain? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pax vobiscum.

Hey, that’s exactly what I do :smiley:

Good question.I don’t know what to do myself. Finding TLM was not easy, it wasn’t even listed on that church’s website. I’ve been alternating between the parish and TLM but don’t feel happy about this arrangement- I feel like I don’t really belong to either at the moment. I’m planning to talk to the priest and see if there have been any requests in the parish.

Go for it! As I said, all you need is a group of people. You may even ask people from the TLM parish if they live nearby and are willing to help. Also, I’m not sure because it says you are in Scotland, but there may be an Una Voce chapter around which would be willing to help. Good luck.

I wish that it would take that. I am fortunate to have the Latin Mass Here in Pittsburgh. It is only a 10 min. drive. They have a 8:00 a.m. Low Mass and a 11:00 a.m. High Mass on Sundays. Try talking to our Priest to having a E.F. Mass. If I would offer him $$$$$ he might. But he won’t say it. I did this approach when I was mentioning to him about they Hymms we sing in Mass should be more reverent instead of “pop sounding”. I told him I would give $$$$$ to have a better Choir Director. He said ’ Show the money". True story.

We do have enough for the request. I tried to get him to have a Novena to St. Ann. He said, “We have enough going on.” We don’t. I go to both forms when I can… I feel better when I go to the E.F. I am in a better state of mind and tranquility. This is not gloating. I am spiritually fed at the E.F. form. Also, I learn more from the homilies. I am getting a better education than I was in 12 years of Catholic schooling.

Also, we had an incident at our Parish where some individuals or individual did some damage to our Fatima statutes outside our church. I reported it to the Parish office. I did not get a call back to say “thanks”. I saw some one who helped fix the statutes. I thanked him for it. I asked Fr. last week to put up a camera for survalence, he said that there is enough of survelance with the traffic that goes buy. If he does not care about some damage done to church property. Can we get him to say the E.F. form. Does any body get what I am talking about?

I understand what you are saying. However if the priest refuses, you may try writing to the bishop who should handle the problem. Especially if you can prove that there is a group of people willing to be dedicated. If the bishop doesn’t help you, you are could contact Ecclesia Dei to help you. I know it seems like a lot of trouble. But it seems that if people really want abuses to stop, doing these things is necessary.

Our closest TLM is 120 miles from my front door and finances play a large part in how often I can make the drive. so several of us circulated a petition and got 56 signitures for the old Mass. After much hasseling and 'rasling we finally got permission to have a once a month Mass provided we could find a priest. This we accomplished. Its not the Roman Rite but the old Dominican Rite and we are tickled to death about it. The only draw back is that the priest can only make it up on Monday evenings. So this tends to discourage a lot of folks because it does not fulfill any obligations. So our group remains pretty steady at between 30 and 60 folks.

Just wish our Archbishop was a little more friendly to these requests. There may be some hope on this front as His Excellency is supposed to be the homilist on September 25th in Seattle at the FSSP parish. We’ll see.

And BTW we are working very hard to try and get more reverence at the local NO Masses.


That’s a real good question which probably doesn’t have the same answer for everyone. It seems to me like parents of children still at home need the support of good catechism without the repulsive aging hippies playing Woodstock Catholicism at the typical parishes. But I also appreciate how the typical parish has folks who could embrace tradition if only they knew it, and when we abandon ship, it leaves things looking worse than they really are and the parishes get more liberal than ever.

My kids are almost gone now. But now that I’ve been out of that scene for quite a while, I go to a Novus Ordo wedding and I just can’t stand all the activity, all the lay people praying and reading and just doing stuff seemingly because someone seems to think that unless you are doing stuff you’re not involved. Unless I discern a “calling”, I have a clear conscience about staying where I am. God bless those who are “called”.


Theoretically this is the process. But has anyone petitioned ED successfully as Summorum Pontificates states and what has been the result?

And I would like to hear answers on this also! My diocese has ONE TLM and has had it for years. My priest thinks that is doing the job. No interest in the TLM for my priest! He calls it a dinosaur. The TLM is one and a half hours away for me. I haven’t rocked any boats as our parish is barely surviving in this rural wilderness; but sometimes I think if we had a TLM a miracle would happen here with Catholicism.

It is your typical NO parish including but not limited to percussion instruments, guitars, piano, clapping, hand-holding, and dancing.

**As I’ve said many times, sanctus bells and Holy Week clappers are percussion instruments, too.

And I’d rather hear a well-tuned, well-played piano than a spinet organ played by a lady with mittens and only a left foot.**

I wonder what St.Pius X would have liked? :shrug: I know, us people who don’t think secular instruments should be in our Masses are just nuts, but so was every single person before 40 years ago.

Either way, that is not my point in this post.

Wow. You should be able to get a lot more, especially if you have that many signatures and the only one is within 120 miles. I’m surprised that the Archbishop didn’t do a better job. You’re in the Archdiocese of Seattle right? Don’t worry then, because he will probably be replaced within a year by Benedict XVI, likely by a more conservative bishop.

Where about in Scotland do you go for the EF?

Like these

I know, us people who don’t think secular instruments should be in our Masses are just nuts, but so was every single person before 40 years ago.

**And just what constitutes a “secular instrument”?

From the traditional Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic viewpoint, ALL musical instruments are secular.

Even the organ had its origin as something played during the games and circuses in the Roman Empire.**

You know, you make a great point! :wink:

I can’t be certain what a secular instrument is. But we could ask St.Pius X:

“15. Although the music proper to the Church is purely vocal music, music with the accompaniment of the organ is also permitted. …”

“19. The employment of the piano is forbidden in church, as is also that of noisy or frivolous instruments such as drums, cymbals, bells and the like.” (of course His Holiness isn’t talking about the bells to show where we are in the liturgy, because that is not for musical purposes)

“20. It is strictly forbidden to have bands play in church…”

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