Does it matter if I delay confession until Monday?


*Hi, I’ve fallen into lust again and Im obviously in need of confession sooner rather than later.
My question is; May I wait until Monday or am I expected to go on Sunday?
The thing is that I have to walk up to the priest after sundaymass and ask for confession if I shall confess on Sunday, but at Monday I’ll be confessing at a parish in our Capitol which offer unscheduled confessions 40 mins everyday and I find it both more convenient and comfortable to keep it anonymous so what do you guys think?

Will I end up in hell if anything happens to me before confessing on Monday because I chose not to confess on Sunday or am I good to go on Monday? What do you guys think? *

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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In the state of mortal sin, one should go ASAP, besides, if you go on Sunday, you’ll be able to receive Holy Communion :slight_smile:

But if you wait till Monday. you won’t be able to receive Holy Communion at Mass.



I think the intent to go to confession saves you if you die between Sunday and Monday. You just can’t receive at Mass on Sunday if you haven’t gone to Confession.


I try not to delay in going to confession. If it’s available, I go. One never knows what may happen.


I thought the CC doesn’t proclaim to know who is in hell. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told on CAF. So I wouldn’t think anyone can answer in the affirmative that you will end up there. I certainly won’t. Only God knows your heart.


why not just do a good act of contrition?

and trust the Holy Spirit ?


The Catholic Church does not judge the condition of souls except to say which saints are in Heaven. However, the Church does judge actions and can affirmatively tell you which course of action will put you in Hell and which will save you. Dying in a state of mortal sin equals Hell, no ifs, ands or buts. Mortal sin is rigidly defined. Perfect contrition can save you, and it is also rigidly defined and, many speculate, hard to obtain.

Resolving to go to Confession as soon as morally possible is a good thing. Making an act of perfect contrition before you can avail yourself of the Sacrament is likewise a good thing. Whether you go on Monday or Sunday is at your discretion, and the longer you wait, the more your risk increases, so use common sense.


That is not correct. The intent to go to Confession does not save you if you die before getting there.

A person who makes an act of perfect contrition with the intent to get to Confession a soon as possible will be saved if they die before getting to Confession.

In the OP’s case even if an act of perfect contrition was made, I wouldn’t classify delaying going to Confession as the definition of as soon as possible.


The intent to go to Confession in general indicates Perfect Contrition (unless out of fear of hell). I wouldn’t classify going on Monday vs. Sunday as not going as soon as possible given OP indicated that is when the priest would likely be able to see him.


Are you saying if the OP committed what the Church judges to be mortal sin and doesn’t confess til Monday in the scenario given, the Church affirms the OP’s destination is hell? If so in that case I see little difference if the Church just went ahead and judged the condition of the soul. Which reminds me of one reason why I don’t practice your faith. Jesus made it clear to me not to judge and I want to stay as far away from judging another’s soul as I possibly can. I’m content to leave judging the heart and the destiny of souls solely in the hands of God.


Yet the Church gives us the right to an anonymous confession…and it sounds like the OP won’t have an opportunity to confess anonymously until Monday.


So if the OP, heaven forbid I pray, were to die before confessing a mortal sin Monday, you disagree with the view given in another post that the Catholic Church judges actions and can affirmatively tell the OP it would put him or her in Hell because dying in a state of mortal sin equals Hell, no ifs, ands or buts? And that perfect contrition could save the OP in that case but is rigidly defined and speculated to be hard to obtain? I’m just trying to understand like the OP is what the CC teaches in such a scenario And I could be misunderstanding you or the other posters as to what the CC says.



It is reported St. John Paul II confessed daily. If that isn’t asking God for forgiveness, I don’t know what is.


I don’t know. It is best to get to confession as soon as possible, but I think it unwise to push someone (or scare someone with fire and brimstone preaching) into a face to face confession when the Church itself gives the faithful the right to an anonymous confession. I would think God would respect the legitimate desire for an anonymous confession. The individual is not delaying confession willy nilly. We don’t know what happens in the last moments of life…God could always give us the grace to make a perfect act of contrition in those last seconds. I would like to believe that many people do receive those graces in their final moments if deprived of the sacraments. We can only speculate and leave it in God’s hands.


If the instructions to my hairdryer say not to use it in the bathtub, who am I to judge where it is bad to use a hairdryer? I don’t follow instructions like a sheep!


No it does not. The intention of going to Confession is NOT an act of perfect contrition.


I wouldn’t wait just til Monday…I would make every attempt to go to confession on Saturday afternoon. And, in all respects to ‘almosthuman post’ …stating why not just a good act of contrition and trusting the Holy Spirit…sorry…wrong…go to confession my friend and be cleansed. May God be with you…and to quote JP II Be not afraid…PAX


I think you either have tendency towards being very literal or don’t believe most people are truly sorry because of their sins, but rather for fear, When I go to Confession, I personally am very upset by my sinful ways.


Thanks to all of you for vice inputs and for taking the time to answer my question:)
I’ve asked our priest for confession today at mass, but he is polish and are just stepping in while our Vicar are on Holliday so he don’t speak Norwegian nor English so he couldn’t hear my confession.
I think that settles it, it’s has to be on Monday them since our Vicar are away until the 24th of August.
Since its not my fault that I can’t confess until Monday I have a strong feeling that Im good as long as Im following thru with my plans of confessing ASAP.

Not to start anything, but I’ve also been under the impression that intent of confession ASAP counts as Perfect act of contrition somehow…
My question was more about ASAP vs In near future I guess.

Doesn’t It seem strange that God who loves us will send us to hell if we die right before confession just becouse our motivation was out of fear of hell rather than out of love for him?
If that’s it heaven can’t be too crowded I guess…

Someone also stated that I could skip confession and trust the Holy Spirit to cleanse me" I would say yes if it wasn’t about mortal sins.
I am catholic and I believe in the church authority to loosen or bound our sins so when it comes to sins of this gravity one has to recieve absolution from the church as its clearly stated by Christ himself that he has given his church the keys to heaven.
That’s why Im in this predicament:P

I’ll go on Monday then:)
Thanks again for all posts you guys/girls are the best:)

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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