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My reasoning to stay away is that it appears alot of the Catholoic belief is based on tradition and from sources that are man made, not the Bible. I went to a Church that speaks the Truth found in the Word of God and when I did my whole life changed, I’ve felt that Holy Spirit amd I’ve seen my life change. That didn’t happen in the Catholic Church for me, so to return to that isn’t a conviction that I have. So now I’m just wondering if the " traditions" cause seperation more than anything… which is why I ask if all those things truly matter


The Catholic Church compiled the Bible and also tradition is a good thing. If we don’t keep tradition we lose our heritage, we become different if we don’t stick to heritage, which leaves room for error. If you are referring to doctrines and dogmas, you have to understand that the Church is aided by the Holy Spirit. Teachings need to develop to address the world that we live in, which happens to change. To go by just the Bible and not tradition can lead to error.

Traditions are not the root cause of separation from the Church. Yes certain teachings are hard to swallow but nevertheless they are teachings. They do matter. Once again I will say. We must keep tradition. We cannot stray from tradition. the schismatics and the Protestants rebelled against the oldest Christian Church for various reasons. They wanted to change tradition. I must ask though why do you believe tradition doesnt matter?

What the Apostles and our early Church Fathers said and taught, are being taught today because of tradition. Isn’t it important to teach what was originally taught? Isn’t it important to go by the laws and rules that were given to us? If we wish to receive the fullness of truth we must go by what was originally taught. Because truth doesn’t change, we need tradition to preserve the truth, not abandon it.


it does not matter as long as you are Christian, and profess Jesus as Lord and Savior, say sorry for sins and amend…Jesus is the ONLY way to salvation anyway, so other people have their free will and believe someting else, it’s on them…


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I agree the world is ever changing, What kind of changes aren’t covered in the Bible? So are you saying the doctrines and dogmas can change depending on the world? I’m not sure how this all works


I said develop not change. Certain crisis’ needed to be addressed. For example, same sex marriage (as we all know is not actual marriage) needed to be addressed. If you look at the Catechesism and other documents it goes on extensively about what marriage means and how/why gay marriage cannot be acceptable due to what the Bible says, and what God says. However, if you didn’t have the Church to address problems like these, people will have different views on what the Bible really says about this topic. We see this with Protestants and others who interpret the Bible differently in many ways. Many hold different views about a certain verse, which makes it confusing as to who had the correct interpretation. That is why we need the Church to ease this confusion. The Church needed to develop doctrines on these sort of things, and to maintain the correct interpretations/teachings


@Mack26, another good example would be in vitro fertilization. There’s nothing in the Bible that addresses it directly. That’s where the Church, protected from error by the Holy Spirit, comes in to guide the Church on how to respond to it.


Was that to me?

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To both of you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, I understand what you’re saying. But how can a perfect God provide an “unfinished” Bible.

When you say “the Church” who specifically are you referring to, who writes the doctrines and receives the Holy Spirit to implement new laws?


We can do what Christ told us to do or do what we like. It makes a difference.

If we’re going to try to obey Christ then we’d better do it the way He told us to. He said “Eat My Body, drink My Blood.” So we’d better receive the Eucharist.

He said to the Apostles: “Receive the Holy Spirit. Who sins you will forgive, they are forgiven them: whose sins you will retain, they are retained.” So if we want Him to forgive us we had better go to the priests for the sacrament of Confession.

Yes. It matters. It matters very much.


If God had to put everything on paper for us, every sin and exactly what to do about it. We wouldn’t be able to contain it. Sins can develop, it’s our free will to make up new horrendous sins that the Church will have to address as wrong. New sins develop over time. Claiming that God created an unfinished Bible doesn’t make sense. The Bible was put together by the Church who took writings from various Apostles, prophets, etc who were giving us the basics and the necessary teachings about sins that were known at the time, with the aid of the Holy Spirit. The Church is a hospital for sinners, it protects us from the evils of this world that defile people. The evil of this world, the evil of Satan seeks new skins to decieve us into thinking a certain act/omission is ok, when really it’s sinful. The Bible does not address all evils, but it does address a Church that is supposed to guide us in the truth to help us on our way to salvation

I refer to the Church that Christ founded, the one in which he said would not allow the gates of hell to prevail against it, the one that has been there from the beginning. The Roman Catholic Apostolic Church is the oldest Church in Christendom.


Because the Bible was never meant to be a catch all book. Useful? Certainly. To be read and treasured as the word of God? Of course! But to be the only thing used by Christians? No. You seem to imply that if the Bible is not able to anticipate such situations that it’s imperfect. But the Bible and the Church were meant to work together. We think of the development of doctrine as resting upon a three-legged stool, the legs being Scripture, Tradition (big T tradition, not little t tradition), and the Magisterium. Without one, the support collapses.

The Church I refer to is the one established by Christ Himself in Matthew 16:18. Headed by Christ, who gave His Apostle Peter the keys/earthly authority. The one He promised that the gates of Hell would not prevail against.


You misunderstood Tradition. If you talk about tradition, like it is a belief or rule, then all denominations have that, including your new church, which would has a tradition of its own.

The Bible must be understood with Tradition. You cannot understand it correctly as if it fell from the sky 500 hundred years ago, and you started reading it.

Remember too that the Bible was only compiled, the one you have now (hopefully it contains everything), about three hundred years after the Church exist. What did she did before that?

The Bible was produced by the Church and thus only could understand it correctly. You want to know its meaning, you would go to its origin. The Church is the origin.

Thus when we we talk about Tradition, it is the deposit of faith which the apostles believed and practiced. The Bible is a Tradition because it is being chosen and compiled by the Church as the collection of Books which the Church inspired to be her Holy Scripture.

Protestants today do not accept this Tradition when they exclude some of the Books that constituted the Church Tradition, thus forming their own tradition.



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So if I pray for example on an issue not specifically addressed in the Bible and feel that God answers my prayer and directs me. This isn’t seen as correct unless the Church has also received this answer in their prayers?
I guess I’m curious how the Church isn’t bias. I understand they receive it from the Holy Spirit but ultimately they are still subject to their own interpretations and biases.


Why would you want a half-truth when you can have the full truth? And what bothers you about these Catholic elements? If you already believed in Purgatory, and if you live as a Non-Catholic Christian, then aren’t you still Catholic on that point?


Dont bother about denomination,Important thing is to repent in your heart.
God knows all.
He will judge you one day having in mind all the sins you have repented for.
Sometimes when we sin also with full consious there is something in our life that went wrong that made us blind and weak but God is very loving and caring,metcifull,wise,too…Our biological minds can’t realize how will it works,but Dont worry just show your love by doing small things like fighting with sin and care for your spirit,be patient.


Hi Everyone. Thanks for your valuable responses.


Not necessarily. The Church cannot be biased because truth is not biased. The Church cannot be lead astray because Christ promised it wouldn’t. The individual members may have their own biases, but they cannot affect the Church and what it defines and teaches as true.

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